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Our Why

Leadership team for Gulf Coast Mom
Photo credit: William Colgin


A few years ago, two dear college friends began their journey of creating an online platform for moms to connect. Little did they know, the foundation they helped to build would become such an empowering online community of moms.


Today, we have a new look and new co-owners, but the same heart. Our commitment is to continue to serve the Gulf Coast as a leading resource website for parents and families.

We strive to provide the framework that allows you, as a mom, to feel supported, encouraged and educated through our content, events and relationships we continue to establish.

We often hear the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Here at Gulf Coast Mom, it takes a village to help the village that raises the child. Let us be that village for you.  


As mothers, we must learn to balance taking care of our children and taking care of ourselves. Afterall, you can’t pour from an empty cup.


A tribe is a group of people or community with similar values or interests.

Gulf Coast Mom is more than just a website run by moms for moms. We are a tribe of women connected by motherhood — future moms, expectant moms, empty nesters, same-sex, and more.

Our goal is to connect moms.


Women empowering women is truly amazing. As these women become mothers and empower each other, they can change a community.

Thank you, Gulf Coast moms, for taking this journey with us.  Together, we all can make a difference.

Christy, Kerri, Tori & Lauren