Brannan Family: Baby & Beard


Brannan Beard Contest
So, I have a tale of faith in God’s timing, and how I could really use your help in that plan.

To cut to the chase, I’m selfishly begging for your vote RIGHT HERE!

Why is that? Your vote could help my family get the funding we need to complete our adoption journey! How incredible would that be? Let me tell you. 

The story gets better… Yes, better than finding out what we’re having

I’m hoping that our local moms can help me in a nationwide contest in which I am currently a top 10 finalist. The contest is hosted by Wahl Grooming and the grand prize is a cool $20K. WHAT??? Yeah, you read that correctly. Twenty Kay Dolllllars! That is almost to the cent how much we still need to raise to finish out our adoption costs.

But wait! There’s more!

Let’s take it on back to the beginning of our adoption process.

It was at this time that my eyes grew to the size of small planets, and my jaw proceeded to drop all the way to the floor when I started seeing adoption case after adoption case pass through our emails. It wasn’t the number of cases that was leaving me breathless. It was the cost! It blew me away! I was expecting it to be around $20K. The reality – It costs more than double that.

I took my financial concern to my faithful bride who quickly reminded me that God would make it happen. She said something along the lines of, “do you not trust that God will provide this?”

That statement completely knocked me to my knees and I started praying for something that could help us pay for this.

Cut to… October 8th. I was mindlessly scrolling through the Facebooks, and a seemingly random Wahl Grooming ad popped up on my timeline. It read: “Do you have a beard? Do you have talent? Do you want to win $20K?” I audibly said “Um… yes. Maybe. and YESSSSS???”.

So I fell prey to the ad and clicked into the contest details. I read through the rules, etc. I made it down to the deadline: OCTOBER 9TH… THE NEXT DAY. And this deadline had already been extended. So, I took that as a sign to get my butt into video production mode.

Over the next 24 hours I pumped out a rush video job showcasing my silly abilities and threw it into the mix to be considered for “Wahl Man of the Year” and a shot at 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Once it was uploaded, I knew I couldn’t do anything more about it, so I started praying and hoping that it would work out if it was supposed to.

Well, after being narrowed down to the top 20, doing a phone interview, and waiting for an excruciating eternity that was actually about 3 weeks…

I have been chosen for the top 10!

Now it’s up to the public to decide through an online voting process HERE.

There’s a reason for everything, right? It’s probably one of the only times I can say, “I believe I was scrolling through Facebook at exactly the right time.” And plus, if you vote and we win $20K I can finally justify having all this mess on my face to my wife and offspring!

Moral of the story: I couldn’t have picked a… bearder… time to grow some facial hair!


Thank you for your vote and following our adoption journey.

Our adoption fundraiser where you get to decide what happens to my beard. 

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