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Brannan Family: Helping Others in Their Adoption Journey

Brannan Family: Helping Others in Their Adoption Journey

Jonathan Brannan wahl man of the yearWe received an amazing Christmas present and now we want to bless others…

First, let me catch you up. I WON a national contest presented by Wahl Grooming called ‘Most Talented Beard in America.’ The prize is the title of Wahl Man of the Year… and a cool 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS, which is exactly what we needed to fund the rest of our adoption! And that was all thanks to YOU and this amazing community we call home.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted and shared our journey throughout the process.

We seriously couldn’t have done it without you. The whole contest was really a wild story. Read about how crazy the timing of it all was! The long and short of it is this: I happened to be growing a beard, and happened to be scrolling through Facebook the day before the deadline for a national contest that came with a $20k grand prize. I made it into the top 10 and started begging for your votes, and then I WON! Oh, and this all happened to be right in the middle of National Adoption Awareness month. (BTW, we believe this was not all by happenstance, but God was winking at us the whole time).


Now that we have the needed funds for our adoption, we want to help others who are going through the adoption process. We’re doing this by collecting donations (tax-deductible) for a non-profit that awards grants to families trying to fund their adoption journey. This non-profit is called the 1720 Foundation.

Adoption can be a very expensive process, and sometimes the financial burden is the only thing standing between a child and a loving family.

Help us help others. We’re hoping that we can raise funds for the 1720 Foundation, so other families may experience the joy of adoption.  


Thank you for your vote and following our adoption journey. Our baby boy is still due in April and we can’t wait to meet him and welcome him into our family.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the 1720 Foundation to help other families find their adoption journey.

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