Brannan Family: The Next Chapter


Wahl world’s hairiest baby shower Jonathan Brannan Gulf Coast momI tooooooold y’all adoption was only the beginning of the story!

Onto the next chapter of this wild tale!

Y’all know my family and I have been big advocates of adoption since the beginning of this whole process. We’ve tried to shed a light on what it takes to adopt and try to make it as transparent as possible in hopes that we can help at least one family.

Well, now we’re hoping we can help more than just one family!

We’ve been given a really cool opportunity and we want YOU to be involved just like you’ve been from the beginning. To cut to the chase, let me break down how you can be a HUGE help in the next few weeks.

Do you remember that little contest that Wahl Grooming hosted last year that let me be my silly self and win some money? Remember how it happened to show up on my social media feed, and how it happened to be the day before the deadline, and how it happened to provide almost exactly the amount of money we needed to complete our adoption, and how it happened to be taking place throughout National Adoption Awareness Month?

Well that all happened at the end of last year, and the 2nd edition of that contest is coming up this fall. So, Wahl contacted me about working on some promotional material to prepare for the big contest again.

But, this is where it gets really cool.

Wahl’s idea was to bring their mobile barbershop to an event near yours truly (being the reigning champion and all), and offer free beard trimmings.


For every beard trimmed they wanted to make a donation to the adoption nonprofit of my choosing (insert that emoji that looks like Kevin McAlister when he does the aftershave thing…)

So, of course, I absolutely jumped at this opportunity. I quickly figured out an event happening very soon: The Red, White, and Blueberry Festival in downtown Ocean Springs. And I knew exactly what nonprofit I wanted to receive the donations: The 1720 Foundation.

This organization was started as a spin-off of sorts from our adoption agency, The Mustard Seed. The 1720 Foundation (named from Matthew 17:20, look it up!) is a nonprofit that provides grants to families that are trying to adopt, but need a little assistance to fill the financial gap that occurs for many families throughout the process.
Red white and blue blueberry festival
Y’all, I’m so excited to say, this is all HAPPENING!

Wahl is bringing their mobile barbershop and hosting what they’re calling the “World’s Hairiest Baby Shower” in downtown Ocean Springs at the Red, White, and Blueberry Festival on June 5th.

They will be offering FREE beard trims, and for every beard trimmed they will be donating $100 to the 1720 Foundation! How cool is this?! I can’t even tell you how excited I am.

So, you’re probably asking, what does this have to do with me? Well, I’m glad you asked! YOU can SHARE this story like crazy so we can get as many people out for a beard trim as possible. Let all bearded men, women, and children know… this is an amazing way to further this effort of helping families adopt.

So MARK YOUR CALENDARS for June 5th, get those beards ready, come hang out with me and the fam, and let’s make this world a bearder place one trim and donation at a time!
The Brann fam appreciates all your continued support!

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