The Brannans are having a…



(pause for VIDEO)

I’ll always remember getting the phone call because we were just about to vote after standing in line for two hours on Election Day at risk of being kicked out of the line.

So, baby BOY, just know that we were willing to give up our civic rights to know more about you! We’re such rebels. And we were so excited I’m pretty sure we took the 2020 election off of people’s minds around us for a split second, because I thought I caught a tiny glimpse of a smile on someone’s face standing nearby. What a year!

So, people keep assuming I have wanted a BOY all along.

And I always say, well I just wanted healthy babies. But, the truth of the matter is, Alyssa and I were thinking that Offspring no.1 (Eden) was going to be a boy… annnnd I’ve been thinking of this baby as a boy automatically the whole time. So, yes, while we just want a healthy baby, we do have boy on the brain.

Now, my selfish thought is that maybe I’ll finally have somebody on my side.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty much an outsider when it comes to our household’s socio-political landscape. I’m the only dude (except for two of our three cats, but they’re so indifferent that they probably would side with the girls if they cared about anything but throwing up hairballs). I hold very little say, but I’m still taxed the same. I’ve been passing out flyers for a Brannan Tea Party where I will dump all of the tea into the pool and demand no taxation without equal representation… but nobody comes to my meetings. I just huddle in the corner of the kitchen hoping for scraps and grateful for the few rags of clothes that I can call mine in this desolate place. No one appreciates my carefully planned out, and properly executed jokes, and I’m pretty sure Offspring and her mom are plotting my demise.

So, I’m counting on this little guy to be my saving grace and I just know we’re gonna be besties and have our own Man Club when he joins our team in April. Will we make all kinds of bad decisions? Absolutely. Will we disband shortly after formation in hope of a better union with the superior beings with whom we share this household? You bet! Otherwise, our peril will be imminent. But, our decision to band together will have been worth it!

*I’m putting so much pressure on this kid*

While I’ve been daydreaming about having a teammate, my wife has been preparing all along for this change of pace in our household.

She’s insightfully been putting together our supplies, and doing inventory on everything we have for the little dude. And let me tell you something. We have been extremely blessed by amazing friends and family already who have been giving us clothes, toys, and the like for offspring no.2. It’s truly been astounding.

As far as a name, we’re still deciding, but we’re pretty close to settling on one. I’ll update you on that when we get there. It may be in my next blog!


Thank you so much for all of the prayers throughout this process. I don’t think I’ve stressed enough how important prayer is in all of this, especially for this special women who is providing life for this little guy. The mom’s name is Samantha and she is in Florida. She’s had a few health concerns, so far, but she’s in great medical care and is being looked after diligently. She is on bedrest right now, and is updating us every two weeks. We’re very proud of her for choosing life for this baby and we’re trying to do everything we can to make sure she is doing well. I’ll update you more on her in the next blog.

As always, PLEASE feel free to reach out to me. November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and I am more than willing to spread the word about this amazing process. There are so many kids who need loving parents, and that includes through adoption and fostering. So, if you have any questions for me at all, please ask. I’ll help you however I can!


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