Ashley Tisdale

Ashley is a self-proclaimed 4 star project manager that oversees the honey-do list. In her free time, she enjoys working in her flowerbeds and her garden. Thrifter by nature, she loves to buy things that spark her eclectic taste and then find a place for it later. A lover of psychology and anything champagne... err... switch those. Ashley is a full-time working mother in outside technology sales. She is married to a commercial/military pilot and lucked out with 2 loving boys that test her every nerve and boundary.

6 Tips to Enjoy Hosting a Holiday Party

Hosting family or close friends this holiday? Whether it’s a Thanksgiving get-together or a New Year’s Eve celebration, here are 6 tips to help you enjoy hosting a holiday party: 1. SET EXPECTATIONS  It is hard...

Going Gray: Embracing My Authentic Self

These last couple of years, being forced to stay inside for almost a year of it, I struggled. I struggled with the stress eating and consequential weight gain. I struggled with my career. And, I...