Brandy Cooley

Mom and Sun boating

Boating with Kids: Tips + Must-Haves

We are fairly new to boating but we quickly developed some must-haves when we go out on the boat. First and foremost is safety; you must have enough life jackets on board for everyone on the...

Cruisin’ the Coast Traditions

Cruisin’ the Coast is a big event in our house. We look forward to it all year and ride Hwy 90 almost daily throughout the week-long event. I’m always surprised to meet locals who avoid...

My Tribe: Experiencing Loss

Moms talk a lot about their tribe and mine has looked different throughout the 6 years I’ve been a full time mom. I started out with mom friends from an amazing Mommy & Me...
Dad and son learning to fix something

Life Lessons from a Handy Man

Handy people are few and far between. I’m not talking about handymen – people you hire to fix things around the house – but actual HANDY people. Which brings me to this afternoon when...

Mommy is in Isolation

It started like this... Monday we ran errands and actually went into several stores to buy things that can’t be purchased via pickup services. Then on Tuesday, I felt like crap. By Wednesday morning I...