Coral Farrell

Coral Tagge Farrell grew up in Pass Christian. After high school she took a “gap decade” to explore the country; and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. After Hurricane Katrina she moved back to the Gulf Coast to be closer to family and help rebuild. She married a local guy (who annoyed the hell out of her in high school) and finished her BA from Tulane University. JR and Coral have 3 strong-willed boys aged 9, 7, and 3. JR travels often for work while Coral holds down the fort. She works remotely for a dot com and is occasionally successful with a work/life balance. She loves her boy mom status, audio books, snuggling her babies, board games, travel, red wine, caffeine, and girl friends – not necessarily in that order.

When Thanksgiving Traditions are Derailed

The holidays are looking different for many families in 2020.   My family usually does Thanksgiving big, like really big. We usually have 3-4 generations travel to the Midwest to celebrate with Granny, who was our...

8 Board Games You Need for Family Game Night

I have always loved board games. Growing up with a brother that hogged the Nintendo 98.7% of the time, I embraced board/card/dice games. My mother still shudders (and laughs) when I ask her if...

Working from Home

I worked for a dot.com in Lafayette, LA for a couple of years in a traditional office.  My company allowed me to transition to a remote position when my family moved back to the Gulf...