Growing up in North Mississippi, Heather often read of the Spanish moss that swayed in with the warm gulf breeze from enchanting live oaks, as well as the delectable seafood that described the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Having never visited the area, it was fate that she met a handsome co-ed from Biloxi while in college. Soon she not only fell in love with him but all things Gulf Coast. Graduating from the University of Mississippi with a degree in journalism, Heather and her husband briefly moved to Washington, D.C, before returning to Mississippi with stops in Oxford and Jackson. Eventually they settled in Ocean Springs where they raise their three children and two dogs. Heather began her journalism career designing and writing for the Daily Mississippian at the University of Mississippi. She worked professionally in media and public relations until her first son was born. While raising her three children, Heather has worked as a freelance writer and photographer for various publications and most recently began a food blog called The Southern Diner. As a southerner, there's nothing Heather loves more than feeding family and friends, all while telling a good story. Sometimes a certain dish will evoke a memory of her childhood, or a meal will reveal a humorous story from a friend. Bottom line, food is entertaining, and Heather likes to share her adventures in cooking and eating with loved ones. In addition to being a mom, Heather is also president of Pecan Park Elementary PTO, board secretary for the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, life member of Junior Auxiliary of Biloxi-Ocean Springs and member of Les Masquees.

Mom Confession: Therapy, It’s a Good Thing

Mom Confession: How did Martha Stewart lead to my mental health break...down...through? I’ll start by writing that I DO NOT know Martha Stewart nor does she know me. Like many mom’s my age, I grew...

Misguided Adventures of a Reluctant PTO President

I never set out to be a PTO president. I’m sure there’s a high percentage of PTO presidents that say that, but I really mean it.  Volunteer at School I had volunteered numerous times at...

‘Tis the Season for Spiraling

The past few years during the holiday season, I’ve experienced what some would call anxiety and depression, but I like to call it “seasonal spiraling”.  My “seasonal spiraling” occurs right before Thanksgiving and fades...

Lessons Learned Planning an 80’s Party

There’s a lot of firsts this summer. My family’s first garden, my youngest’s first sleepover, my family’s first time floating on a mountain river and our first time to host an 80’s party. A few...

Children of Summer :: Cherished Memories in the Garden

My oldest son has seven more summers before he graduates high school. My husband made that declaration at the beginning of summer, right before the kids were set free for summer vacation. Hearing that...