Born and raised in South Mississippi, Jennifer is proud to call herself an 8th generation Mississippian. She holds Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Nursing, and is affiliated with numerous professional nursing organizations. Jennifer is an active member of the Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport, and is truly passionate about impacting the lives of children in her local community. When she isn’t busy working or volunteering, Jennifer spends her time chauffeuring her 3 children to 3 different schools and cheering them on at more than twice as many activities. As a devoted wife to a military officer and pilot, Jennifer counts deployment survival as one of the most indispensable skills she has acquired in this role, and began blogging shortly after her children were born as a means to stay connected during lengthy absences. Jennifer serves as a frequent vocalist in her community, and considers traveling, porch sitting, reading, and binge watching historical dramas to be a few of her very favorite things.

Mom Tips: How to Survive Senior Year

The goodbye year. The year of lasts. The senior year. The racing against the clock before they succumb completely to senioritis. It is a year of to-do’s, tasks and applications to finish, and an emotional...

The Sweet Spot

They call it parenting in the sweet spot.  It's that narrow window comprised of a handful of magical, enchanted years of childhood.  It's those years that make up a relatively calm bridge between the stormy extremes of the sleep deprived blur...

Practice Makes Perfect

My parents drove us all over south Alabama and half of the state of Mississippi for piano and voice lessons and continued even when the eye rolls and teenage years were in full force....
Repairing fence

Boys to Men :: Expecting More From Our Teenage Boys

I get it, I really do. Teenage boys are hard to love sometimes. They are loud, messy, eat ALL the food, become resident experts on anything and everything (note: the parent is always wrong),...
screen time

Battling Screen Time Woes

It has become the all too familiar battle that parents ultimately face… screen time. A relentless stream of new and dangerous apps, texting after bedtime, fake Instagram accounts, cyberbullying, etc. These all have become...