¡Hola! Konnichiwa! Bonjour! Greetings! A lover of languages and world cultures, Mariah enjoys traveling the world joined by her two rambunctious sons and high school sweetheart of more than ten years. Her love for traveling has been inspired by her time growing up in Jamaica, where an exposure to different cultures led to her having a unique childhood. As a first generation American, she is constantly learning to juggle her Caribbean background with “all things Southern” when it comes to parenting her two sons. In addition to her love for cultures, Mariah has a passion for learning, which has led to her to enter the teaching world to share her energy for learning with her students. As the only queen in a house full of kings, she finds time to steal away to watch natural hair videos or cruise around the Gulf Coast looking for the best local restaurants to sample.
Embracing mom and child

Embracing My No New Year’s Resolution Challenge

We are not our goals.  Yes career goals and resolutions towards career advancement are important but we’ve seen how careers can topple in the blink of an eye. Health goals are fulfilling but for many...
Middle school classroom gulf coast mom

Advice for the Middle School Mom

When I first set out to write about my son’s transition to middle school, my words would have been written lighter or carried less weight. There would have been a different emotion felt to...

This is Their Katrina Story

As I am constantly peppered with questions and concerns from my children about what is happening around the world, I stopped and realized, this is their time. When this chapter comes to a close,...
Johnson boys

From Boys to Men: A Black History Poem

See, we’re on the path to raising boys into men  His father and I that is  We parent after those who fought before us  We all know of MLK, that brother who could speak mighty fine  Yet, we’ve...

Don’t Forget About The Teacher Moms

As the school year gets underway, let’s not forget about the teacher moms. Teacher moms, as defined by yours truly, are the maternal mamas who have the great pleasure of raising twenty-six (or even...

Let The Waters Renew You: A Perspective on Life

In my case, life’s lessons came via the sea. Anyone who knows me knows I must live near the water.  Yet, I drive down by the beach and have never stopped and appreciated the beauty of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Postpartum Anxiety :: The Other Elephant in the Room

Many moms are familiar with the "taboo" behind postpartum depression and the reluctancy they may feel in speaking up about this disorder. Along with postpartum depression, I want to talk about another unheard elephant...
Fourth Trimester

Embracing The Fourth Trimester

For many pregnant moms-to-be, the goal is to deliver a healthy baby after nine long months of being an incubator. This was certainly my goal. When I finally delivered a healthy baby boy, I...

Second Child Nine Years Later :: Preparing My Only Child for a Sibling

“If I ever knew you would be so upset, I would never have asked for a baby brother.” Hearing these words made me pause and reflect on what exactly I was doing wrong as...
summer travel tips

Savvy Moms Travel the SMART Way :: 5 Tips for a Smoother Start to...

     Summer vacation is here, and many families are off to explore the world whether it’s by boat, train, car, or maybe a plane. Many moms are familiar with some of the basic...