“Mothers are all slightly insane.” J.D. Salenger If we are it is because you kids are driving us crazy! As a mom of three grown children I am proud to say I survived toddlers, tantrums, and teenagers! My oldest is a soon to be twenty-eight year old who is currently living in Washington D.C. He is a writer and social media director for the National Council for Behavioral Health. My middle daughter is twenty-five and working in Jackson, MS as a Speech Language Pathologist. The youngest is an elementary education teacher in Gulfport. My husband and I are both retired teachers from the Gulfport School District and while he is working at his second job in life, I am enjoying doing what some good southerners would call “piddlin’” by working part time at The Pink Rooster Art Gallery in Ocean Springs as well as spending time painting and creating jewelry. Being a mom is the best job I’ve ever had. Insane? Maybe. Blessed? Absolutely!

Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

  When I taught high school I had the pleasure of sponsoring a few clubs. (Several teachers just re-read that first sentence!)  One club that brought great pleasure to me just happened to be a...

To Everyone There is a Season in Life

The pelican gracefully maneuvered from the beach, across the road, and landed in an old majestic oak tree that was dripping with moss. A split second after having this observation I remembered I was...

Sometimes as a Mom

I wasn't sure why I took the trail mix. I'm sure the recipe for it came from one of those cooking shows on TV and I had been making it all spring for my...
On the mountain

I Don’t Know How to Tell Them It Gets Worse

It gets worse? Ok, please don’t stop reading.  I get it. It's not the most uplifting title but I promise it gets better.   I just need to say this, to put it out there.  As...

Moms in the Middle

I sat behind a woman at church the other day who had three children that I’m guessing were aged ten and under.  The youngest, a little girl of about three, would spread-eagle on the...

A Pinch of Advice from a Seasoned Mom

Whew, I did it! All three of my children are not children. I am happy to report they are grown and gainfully employed. Now that I am in that “season” of my life, I...