Tina Ozment

Tina is a stay-at-home mom of two girls, ages 11 & 4, and loves having the opportunity to be there for every moment in their lives. Tina and her family have lived in many places in Kentucky and Arizona and eventually decided to settle on the Gulf Coast in 2016. She is a southern girl at heart and enjoys raising her two girls, along with her husband, in the small-town southern charm of Ocean Springs. A believer in personal growth, Tina loves to learn new things. She is passionate about being healthy in every aspect of life. To Tina, true health means working towards clean nutrition, more natural products for the home and family, physical fitness, and most importantly, mental and emotional health. Of course, these things can be challenging at times but she makes it work the best she can by planning for success. Tina explores all of these topics on her lifestyle blog, The Bourbon Cactus, where she shares recipes, her fitness journey, parenting lessons, and life experiences. She is honored to be part of our local mom tribe and can't wait to share some of her knowledge and experiences with #228moms here on the Gulf Coast.
Fruit kabobs

13 {Healthy} Halloween Treats

Halloween... I have a love-hate relationship with this holiday. I want all the spooky fun but with healthier Halloween treats. “ everyone here knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies.” - Max Dennison Most days I...

Moms Love: Pool Parties at Centennial Plaza

We are thankful to partner with Centennial Plaza. We love supporting local businesses! Want to tell moms about your business? Email info@thegulfcoastmom.com Centennial Plaza has a remedy for the summertime blues! A south Mississippi summer can...
Moms night out gulf coast mom alpha lit Mississippi

Mom’s Love: Lights, Friends + Food

We are thankful to partner with Brick & Spoon and Alpha-Lit MS Gulf Coast for our Moms Night Out event. We love supporting local businesses! Want to tell moms about your business? Email info@thegulfcoastmom.com  No matter what...
Direct sales

Annoyed by Direct Sales?

It’s happened to all of us at some point. It’s been the friend from grade school; old college roommate; the mom from pre-k; husband’s sister that doesn’t like you; or maybe even your next-door...
Holiday Gift guide: for the foodie

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Foodie

Foodie: food·ie /ˈfo͞odē/ noun INFORMAL ; a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and who eats food not only out of hunger but due to their interest or hobby and is...

Snowflake Tea: A Truly Magical Event

Temps below 65, a chilly coastal breeze, and Christmas time. It sounds like the perfect recipe for building a snowman, right? But, wait! Where’s the snow?  Hahaha! Okay. Okay. So maybe we are missing one little...

Moms Love: Designing Floral Arrangements with Friends

We are thankful to partner with Pass the Juice and Snip & Sip Floral Design Classes for this Moms Night Out event. We love supporting local businesses! Want to tell moms about your business?...

Mommies Don’t Work: The Stigma of the Stay-at-Home Mom

“Mommies don’t work.” These words spilled out of my 4-year-old daughter last week and I was almost speechless. I was offended. I was worried. I felt less than. All at the same time...and all within a matter of seconds. Her...

Am I failing my children?

I left the house today for much needed alone time to sit and reflect on all the decisions I have ahead of me. What better place to connect with my inner voice than the...
Girls picking blueberries

Why you need to explore this local blueberry farm

There’s nothing better than a handful of fresh blueberries. And it’s true, the berries are sweeter and tastier in the summer. Our family typically gets our blueberries from the grocery store, even in the summertime....