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The Benefits of caliente ContouringStop the hot mommy summer presses!

Ladies, we have set foot on the holy grail of fat reduction with no surgery, no downtime, and natural-looking results, and the path leads to Diamondhead, MS!

My name is Kerri and I’m a mom of 6 year old twins and a 4 year old, and for the last four years, I’ve been working (to no avail) to get my pre-mommy bod back! I’ve trained in the gym, tried several diets, and even had laser skin tightening in search of a flat belly. And while each of these processes has shown results, none have shown faster results than Caliente Contouring at Recipero Massage and Wellness.

Ladies at recipero massage and wellnessI found out about Caliente Contouring through my friend Ginny Reeves who owns Recipero Massage and Wellness. I had inquired about spa services for women and moms to help get that mommy body ready for the summer and she suggested this “hot” new procedure introduced to the Coast by certified licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Emily Randall.

What I love about the procedure is that it’s safe, painless, showcases immediate results, and is a very cost effective way to lose belly fat and inches all over.

I call it a hack! And as a busy mom of three, all hacks are welcome in my repertoire.

What is Caliente Contouring?

Caliente contouring Straight from the horse’s mouth (for my non-Southern jargon speaking folk – from the CC website) “Caliente Contouring is a type of fat reduction and body contouring service using acupuncture needles and a heat source to melt problematic or lingering fat away from chin, waist, arms, legs, and more.” 

There’s no surgery, no downtime and it boasts absolutely natural looking results.

How do I know so much about it? Because I volunteered as the official Gulf Coast Mom guinea pig to try out the procedure! (And SIS – am I glad I did!)

Caliente contouring acupuncture needles on belly
“Don’t be fooled by these needle pics! This didn’t hurt a bit! It’s literally pain free, and I’d even go as far as to call it relaxing.” -Kerri

First thing’s first, most people hear acupuncture (needles) and they immediately bristle, pun intended.  The fact is, I’d never experienced acupuncture before the Caliente Contouring procedure, but I’m happy to share IT’S PAINLESS! Absolutely painless. Specifically… it’s a 0 on a scale of 1-10. Full transparency, there were maybe two or three pokes that did feel like a slight pinch, but Emily moved them to another spot in the treatment area and that felt fine.

Also, once the heat source is applied, it’s actually pretty relaxing. The whole experience was akin to getting a massage or facial at the spa. 

It’s performed while lying on a massage table, soothing music in the background, and the warmth of the acupuncture needles on your skin. Seriously. They had me at hello.

I signed up for the whole body experience, which treated my belly, thighs, arms and back. When I arrived to the appointment, Emily measured each area on my body – waist, arms, hips, and thighs and made tiny marks where she measured on my skin for accuracy. She then noted the inches and took photos for before and after comparison.

The full body service takes around 90 minutes to complete. She applied acupuncture needles to each area and then warmed them with a heat source for a few seconds. That’s it. Literally! It’s was so simple.

And here’s the best part. I LOST 4.7 inches during my first session!

Caliente Contouring. Left: before, Right: after
Left: Before; Right: After first treatment

Caliente Contouring is great for anyone who is working out, health conscious, and needs to get over the hump with stubborn problem areas.

During my session, Emily educated me on the process of Caliente Contouring and that you will continue to lose fat during the procedure and for 48 hours afterwards.

She also shared that I should drink plenty of water (about 1/2 of my body weight in oz) before and after the process to help dispel the fat and suggested no alcohol the night of the procedure.

Caliente Contouring gulf coast mom before and after second treatment
Left: Before; Right: After second treatment

The technique was born in Nashville, TN by its creator Farrah Haley. Most of the Caliente Contouring practitioners are located there. But I’m so happy to report that our MS technician has set up shop on the Gulf Coast, and is here to help us look our best!

CLICK HERE to schedule your appointment for Caliente Contouring at Recipero Massage and Wellness in Diamondhead, MS.

Mom in workout clothes moms love Recipero massage and wellness
Photo credit: Tilley Photography
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