Homeschooling: How to Get Started


This coming school year is going to be vastly different from most any of us have experienced. With the increased number of parents interested in homeschooling their kids, I want to share a few resources and tips

MS Department of Education

The MS Department of Education has vastly improved its website recently! It is so much easier to navigate. Each homeschooling parent must complete the enrollment form. The website also spells out the laws of our state. They are very simple to follow. 

Homeschool Facebook Groups

I would encourage parents to join one or a few groups on Facebook. There are several that are based here in South Mississippi. 

The first group I love is Happy Homeschoolers of South Mississippi. Here you will find homeschool families with all levels of experience. There are also great links to book sales, homeschool meetups and conferences. 

The second group is South Mississippi Homeschoolers. This is my group I run on Facebook. It is a private group and we ask you to answer two questions before you join. We are more of a meetup, information sharing group. Before COVID we would meet up 3 to 4 days a week and we can not wait to get back to that. 

The third is a used curriculum site. These ladies have been working to put together a site that is easy to find what you need. They are growing a great business that is going to be a major asset to our Coastal community. 

Homeschool Curriculum

When picking what curriculum you would like for your child the options can be overwhelming. I have always said that you need to think about who your child is and what they like. Also, don’t be afraid to piece together your own curriculum instead of buying a boxed set. I have done that for 2 years now and it really works for us. 

However, if you want a boxed set here are a few different recommendations. 

Bob Jones University Press is a complete grade level system. They are based on the East Coast. I ordered from them for my son’s Kindergarten year. 

Abeka is one that is actually used in some private school settings. I have found that this is a love it or hate it curriculum. We have never used it personally. 

Now if you are like me and you like options to pick and choose your resources then try Rainbow Resources. I love this curriculum. I have ordered from them for years and have never had a problem finding what I need. They have everything you can think of and more. 

Advice from a Homeschool Mom

My best piece of advice is this: You know what is best for your family. Trust yourself. You can teach your child at home and do an amazing job at it.

Ask questions and try things out. You may find yourself learning right alongside your child.

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Amanda was born and raised in Ocean Springs, MS. After completing a BS in Poultry Science (yep it’s a real degree) at Mississippi State University she left to work for Cobb-Vantress in Siloam Springs, AR. She meet and married her husband while in AR. They then moved back to Mississippi and started their own Civil Engineering Firm. Amanda homeschools their son and helps with the business. Hunting and outdoor adventure take center stage in her family’s life. They like nothing more than getting outside for the weekend and connecting as a family.