A Note from your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher


Dear Parent,

By now maybe all of those new feelings and emotions have come and gone. For some of you, if you’re like me, those feelings are still a bit fresh. Even as a teacher, I admit that it usually takes me about two months to come to terms with sending my babies off to “school”. If you had those first day, first week or first month jitters of sending your little off to school for the first time, I feel you, Momma. I am right there with you. 

But have some comfort in this. While I battled with myself sometimes over spending more time teaching other people’s children than spending time with my own, every day I think of the type of teacher I want my girls to have. I think of how much they love their teachers. I think of how often they tell me all about their new friends and what they did at school. I think of their smiling faces filled with excitement as they come running to show me a picture they drew or a craft they created to hang on our fridge.

I think of the type of teacher I want for my girls and remind myself that that’s exactly the type of teacher all of my kinder parents want for their babies, too. I treat all my kinder babies as if they were my own. And to be honest, all of the teachers I know do the same. We know it’s not easy as parents to see your new kindergartner brave those school halls without you. It’s not easy to step aside as they begin to insist on walking to class on their own, and, for many, become a little bit more independent. 

Be proud, Momma! For you now have a bright, enthusiastic and energetic kindergartner who is going to make a difference in this world.


Your child’s kindergarten teacher



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Never considering herself a risk taker, Brittany is finding herself taking more risks and stepping out of the "normal" since becoming a parent. Brittany, who was once a kindergarten teacher, has recently turned into stay at home/ homeschooling mama to her three daughters Raley, Kennedy and Addie. Originally from north Louisiana, Brittany grew up in Gulfport since she was a toddler. Brittany, her Canadian husband Steven and their daughters moved back to the South after living in Alberta, Canada for a few years. They both realized that there is no place like the South and knew that they wanted to raise their girls back home. While in Canada Brittany discovered her passion for empowering and helping families reduce the toxins in their homes. This outspoken and clumsy southern girl also enjoys vanilla flavored coffee, a good glass of wine, shopping and all the southern food she can eat. During the weekends, you can find Brittany and her daughters exploring all the local spray parks, discovery centers, museums, zoos and just about any type of child-centered entertainment.