Prepping Quads for Kindergarten


My oldest will be a Junior in nursing school at USM (we’re so proud of her for being on the Dean’s list during a pandemic), second oldest is going into 4th grade, and last but not least… the quads are going to kindergarten!

I feel like I need a sticker on my car. You know, like those marathon stickers. I need someone to make me one like that.

The Uniforms

Getting these kids prepared can only be described by one word. Wow.

We started buying uniforms last month when we’d see them on sale. School uniforms for 5 kids? Just take me out to the pasture, please!

Mom tip: shop ahead and find the sales after school starts.

The Supplies

We got really lucky with school supplies this year! The quads are in Pascagoula-Gautier School district, and for all incoming kindergarteners a local credit union Union is providing all of their school supplies! How awesome is that? And, thank you.

For my 4th grader, we’re supporting local. Last year I found an awesome store in Pascagoula called Old School Learning Depot. It’s owned by a former teacher (and a fellow multiples mom).

Her store has made school supply shopping for moms like me so much easier! They have the local school supply lists and purchase the school supplies for you. Prices start around $55 and vary depending on where the child goes to school and what their needs are. Last year, I picked up all the supplies on the way to “Meet the Teacher” and handed them directly to the teacher upon arrival. I didn’t even look inside the bag.

I will take advantage of this every single year for my kids! No stressful trips to the store looking for all the random things your child needs like 17 glue sticks, 37 pencils, etc.

The Reality for My Quads

The quads are READY for school to start! They ask daily when they can go.

I’ve tried to do some things to prepare them by purchasing kindergarten workbooks, encouraging their writing and drawing, etc.

But what I have not been able to do is give them the social aspect they get with their classmates as well as the knowledge and care their teachers provide. With everything going on with COVID-19, and all of the new school guidelines, I may be one of the only parents to not think twice about sending my kids back to school.

My quads have a lot going on. All four are in SPED and have been in the school districts Pre-K SPED class for the past 2 years. It has done wonders for them! Since they were born so early (28.5 weeks gestation), they have had many setbacks, one of which is being developmentally delayed.

The district provides in-class therapies that they need to help them thrive. These therapies have helped them by leaps and bounds in their development. All of this time out of school has set them back some. I do everything I can do as a parent to help, but I’m not a therapist or a teacher.

A Different School Experience

Looking at this year’s school guidelines can be discouraging. But, there is absolutely nothing that the district could have come up with that would satisfy 100% of the parents while also trying to keep kids safe. I understand the parents who want to pull their kids and start homeschooling, I really do. I may have considered it also if mine weren’t in SPED.

The quads also have a suppressed immune system thanks to being preemies. One actually has an immunodeficiency and receives immunoglobulin therapy on top of his severe asthma/allergies/eczema. We have done our best to keep him inside and away from the cruel world since March. But he does get out every single week to go to the doctor. He wears his mask and uses his hand sanitizer better than most adults I’ve seen. I’m trying to get the other 3 on his same level.

Despite his issues, he will be at school when they open the doors. I have to trust the districts, the administration, the teachers, and the school nurses to keep my babies safe. Luckily, we have experienced nothing but greatness from everyone at their sweet little elementary school!

So, on August 6, I’ll walk these kindergarteners to their big kid class. They’ll be wearing their masks, have their hand sanitizers in their pockets, I’ll show them where their seats are and why it’s important that they’re 6 feet apart. We will discuss in the weeks before about boundaries, and why it’s important that even if we love someone, we can’t be hugging and kissing all over them at school.