Tips for Schooling from Home: What You Need


Ahhh…. another school year has started.

This year looks mighty different to many of us. If your child is attending traditional school, that’s awesome! Many kids (and parents) are working from home these days, so I thought that I would share a few purchases that certainly made our lives better during this transition.

The Desk

Walmart and Target both have a lot of desk options. We opted for a desk with shelves instead of drawers because I know my kid and those drawers will simply get cluttered and full of junk by Christmas break. You can pick up in-store or have it shipped directly to you.

The Chair

This black desk chair has been a huge hit. It has a great leaning feature but also locks in place. Quinn is in 4th grade, and it will grow with him. The lumbar support is also nice, and at less than $60, it was a solid purchase that should last several years.

The Gear

Quinn uses his Chromebook for schoolwork, but uses his iPad for Zoom. This way, he can focus all of the Chromebook screen on his lessons and have the iPad for focusing on the classroom. We weren’t quite sure how this would work, but this has been a lifesaver! This really awesome iPad arm connects to any hard surface and is adjustable. 

He keeps his door shut when he is on a Zoom call, however he uses this chalkboard sign for his door to let us know when he is testing. 

Just like his mama, he hates overhead lights, so his room is full of lamps. We found a really cool paper lamp that gives off a soft glow which he loves. Check out this similar one one with USB ports.

We also found some great Sony noise canceling headphones which he uses when the dogs get too rowdy over here. These were a pricy pair, but the kid uses his headphones ALL THE TIME, so a nice pair was worth it. He prefers the ear covering kind versus the ear buds

The Routine

School starts at 8 AM, so he is up at 7 AM. He isn’t a big breakfast eater, so he gets himself dressed, makes a drink for the day, and straightens up his room. He likes having the extra time in the morning to not be so rushed – and I do too! He is on and off Zoom classes, has a lunch and a break, and finishes up around 2 PM everyday. So far, everything is going great, and he is excelling.

I hope that our fave finds will help you and yours! Happy schooling, mamas! 

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Lauren Rhodes Braden is a native of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where she resides with her husband, Eric and her son, Quinn. She has perfected the art of balancing better than most trained circus acts. She is a mother of one, and recently completed her J.D. at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is co-owner of Braden Valladares, LLC, a mediation and arbitration firm. An alum of Ocean Springs High School (2001), Ole Miss (B.S. in Criminal Justice 2006), Delta State University (M.S. in Criminal Justice 2008), and Mitchell Hamline School of Law (J.D. 2018), Lauren plans to take the Mississippi bar exam as well as the Louisiana Bar Exam to move Braden Valladares, LLC into an all-inclusive legal services practice in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, specializing in areas of litigation such as family law, juvenile law, elder law, adoptions, guardianships, conservatorships, and dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration. She is one of the first incoming classes of the new hybrid J.D. program at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, allowing her to meet her Docket Divas and future law partners, and blog about their journey through raising families, attending law school, continuing to work full-time, and still maintaining shreds of sanity. Lauren has written for all court levels in Mississippi, the U.S. Federal District Court, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and most recently the United States Supreme Court. As a non-traditional mom, Lauren brings a fresh perspective of being a career focused mom, encouraging moms to go back to school or focus on their careers while still being an attentive, fun, and loving mom. Additionally, Lauren was raised in a multi-generational home and has chosen the same path, as her mom plays a very important role in their small nuclear family, making sure that Quinn makes it to hip hop class on time and ensuring that there is a hot meal on the table- cooking was never Lauren’s strong suit (along with cleaning… laundry…. outdoor projects….etc.) When not having dance parties around the house or attending concerts, Lauren and the family can be found in their second home, New Orleans. They enjoy shopping the local markets and stores, attending festivals, eating all of the amazing food the city has to offer, and parading like fools! Her philosophy as a mom is to live and enjoy the moments- both big and small, and to not take life or parenting too seriously. She has been known to blast Taylor Swift and sing to the top of her lungs as a solution to having to listen to a whiny kid, and rescue a giant hundred-pound dog on a random Monday after a tough day at work. It’s a good thing she is a juggler, because at the Braden house, it’s always a circus!