Tips from a Homeschool Mom


With life as we know it turned on it’s head, parents everywhere are now finding themselves to be their child’s teacher. It’s a very confusing time for kids and adults alike.

Fear not, fellow moms!  As a homeschool mom, let me try to help you with a few tips!

tips from homeschool mom

First take a deep breath. You are going to be okay, your kids will be okay and no one is going to fall behind.  

In fact I will make a bet with you. I bet both you and your kids come out on the other side of this with a better understanding of almost all their subjects. I bet you will see a love of learning blossom in most of your kids again. However to get there y’all both need to relax. 

The first rule of homeschool is we don’t talk about homeschool. I’m kidding! We talk about it all the time. 

Actually in the state of MS we really don’t have any specific rules for homeschooling. So we are free to pick and choose programs that work for our kids, or we can piece several programs together.

In our home we use Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. This is an amazing resource for many grade levels. They have every day planned out for you as an easy to follow lesson plan format. It’s free except for the worksheets you have to print. Or they have preprinted workbooks you can purchase.

Second rule of homeschool is we are able to cater to each child’s needs. I think this is the best part of it.

Take my son for example, he loves numbers. So when he showed an interest in them I went with it. He is now 8 years old doing 4th grade math. His reading is slower but I’m not worried. He will get there and he is “on level” for his grade. I know that is always a sticking point for a lot of parents, they don’t want their kids to “fall behind”.

So my advice is to use this time you are teaching your kids to really get a feel for what they enjoy learning. I know so many families can’t take off to teach their kids full time, but you can find out what your child loves and give them that at home. 

One of my favorite books, The Brave Learner, covers this subject.  She writes it from a homeschool perspective but I find it also covers most any situation. 

My last bit of advice is this: enjoy this time with your kids! Don’t stress about learning because they will do it every day even when you think they are not.

Read with your kids, cook with them, meet them where they are and really listen to them when they talk to you. Reach out to local homeschool groups or larger groups on Facebook. Homeschool parents are always ready to answer questions and give you tips!

Relax and have fun with your kids. I promise it will all work out and y’all may both learn something during this time you have together. 

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Amanda was born and raised in Ocean Springs, MS. After completing a BS in Poultry Science (yep it’s a real degree) at Mississippi State University she left to work for Cobb-Vantress in Siloam Springs, AR. She meet and married her husband while in AR. They then moved back to Mississippi and started their own Civil Engineering Firm. Amanda homeschools their son and helps with the business. Hunting and outdoor adventure take center stage in her family’s life. They like nothing more than getting outside for the weekend and connecting as a family.


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