Tips to Prepare Children Emotionally and Mentally for the School Year


Summer has come and gone for children and the back to school hustle and bustle begins. We understand challenges may arise as you and your child(ren) acclimate back into the routine so we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight several tips on helping children prepare for another successful school year.

Tip #1
Plan ahead.

Tip #2
Attend your child’s scheduled meet and greet (grade level orientation) at the designated
time and location to establish communication and relationships early on.

Tip #3
Create a calendar that tracks the upcoming activities and expectations.

Tip #4
Reestablish appropriate bedtimes.

Tip #5
Discuss expectations and standards, especially for children in the upper grades.

Tip #6
Encourage a set homework/study time that is void of distractions.

Tip #7
Teach organization and responsibility to older children to get up to alarm clocks and
have their clothes and backpacks ready the night before.

Tip #8
Be consistent with evening and nightly routines on school nights throughout the week
and on weekends.

Tip #9
Include playtime for younger children and downtime for older children which allows them
to decompress from school and peer pressures.

Tip #10
Set up a weekly meeting to review your child’s calendar/schedule for the week

Tip #11
And most importantly, challenge children to do their best and rise to the occasion. If the
standard is a C, that’s what they will earn but if the standard is 80% or above, they
will have room to make mistakes and grow.

Tip #12
Ensure your child has all items needed and is prepared to reduce the risk of anxiety of
not having.

Tip #13
Seek assistance from others, including the community resources when needed.

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