What You Need to Set-Up Your Virtual Learning Space


We are all working through some pretty historical but also completely uncharted territory right now. Many of us are continuing to work from home or taking on the new routine of what full-on virtual or at-home learning looks like for our families.

Kids learning

As an SLP (speech-language pathologist) in the schools, I prep my classroom every year to make sure it is a warm and welcoming environment that also feels organized and functional. If we are going to be working and learning from home this year, our homes are no different!

Can you remember a classroom that stood out to you as a child? Or maybe even as a parent? You can immediately walk in a space and know if it’s a nurturing environment that fosters learning!

As you’re approaching this new school year, this quick guide can serve as a starting point to help make your home be just that for the whole family.

Make It a Separate Space

It’s kind of like when we were in school. How much work would you get done in your dorm room full of distractions versus the structured library?

For our family, we not only have a separate designated space for work, but we also have separate spaces that are within earshot for both the adults and the kids.

The good news is you don’t have to go crazy or remodel your home (promise) to make it work well. Check out these must-haves that can fit in most spaces!


Desk chair

Keep It Simple and Organized

We have teacher workdays in school and I encourage you to do the same! Start with lots of grace and seek out ways to plan, simplify, and organize your materials so it’s less stress during learning or working time.


Ombre drawers

Make It Welcoming

One of my favorite things to do is to throw some greenery and inspiration in my classroom. Your environment deeply impacts your mood and productivity.

I love how fresh a live plant can make a room feel and I have them in both my home and class! 

Did you know that certain plants have air-purifying properties? The air inside your home can be more harmful (often 2-5 times more) than the air outside so these can serve a dual purpose of being pretty and purifying!


Positive posters

While this time is without a doubt going to be different, there are small things you can do to make it run as smooth as possible and make it feel good while we’re here!

Whether that’s sanity-saving-storage or some inspirational messages to get you through, I hope you feel encouraged that you can make your space what you need it to be for the year ahead!

If you need to be reminded today, you’re a great mama and no matter what the school year ahead holds, we got this!