13 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy


Kids eating Halloween candyWhat are you going to do with all that candy from Halloween? Your kids can’t possibly eat all that candy! Well, they can!

So here are some fun (and resourceful) ways to use those sweets!




Fill up in yada with leftover Halloween candy

  • STUFF a birthday (or holiday) piñata
  • FILL goodie bags for classroom parties, Teacher Appreciation days, etc.
  • ASSEMBLE a candy charcuterie or candy kabobs


  • SHARE with grandparents or elderly neighbors.
  • BRING IT to the office. Your co-workers will love the treats.
  • SHIP IT to soldiers. Groups like Operation Gratitude, which support our troops, will gladly take the sweet donations.
  • MAKE A SNACK BASKET of treats for the nurses or families at local hospitals. Trust us… families in the waiting rooms on the ICU floor will appreciate your thoughtful gesture!
We also won’t judge if you decide to Netflix and chill after the kids go to sleep and eat their candy.
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