How to Create the Perfect Harvest Charcuterie Board


Harvest charcuterie Assemble the most perfect fall harvest charcuterie board with freshly toasted bread, herb goat cheese, pumpkin butter, prosciutto, and thinly sliced apples. Trust me, it’s perfect for any fall gathering!

To make it healthier look for cured meats that are nitrate-free (organic if possible) and seasonal, organic produce. ⁣


  • Two types of cured meats. My personal go-to: salami and prosciutto⁣
  • A few different types of crackers: ⁣plain as well as a hearty, seeded kind⁣
  • At least three different types of cheese: herbed goat cheese, brie, colby jack (because kids), pepper jack⁣
  • Variety of seasonal produce: black plums, pomegranate, grapes, and/or blueberries
  • Nuts/seeds: roasted or candied pecans or pumpkin seeds, or even a fall mix ⁣
  • Fresh bread: sliced and toasted⁣
  • Pumpkin butter ⁣

⁣All products were purchased at the local Rouses Market.


Presentation is everything! We loved modern boards as well as those that double as a lazy Susan! Kids love it and it’s easier for entertaining!