Meet a Coastie Mom and Pediatric Gastroenterologist

We are thankful to partner with Memorial to introduce you to Dr. Angela Pressley-Wallace. We love to support and highlight women in business, especially mothers in our community.

Meet Dr. Angela Pressley-WallaceAs a Gulf Coast mom of four, Dr. Angela Pressley-Wallace understands how overwhelming parenting can be.

“As a pediatric stomach doctor, I’ve witnessed various stages of a child’s life, from birth to age 21. As a mother, I can personally relate to that parental intuition that tells you something is wrong with your child,” –Dr. Pressley-Wallace.

She’s passionate about helping families find answers as a specialist in pediatric gastroenterology at Memorial.


She provides support to families with a wide range of challenges: crying babies that spit up frequently or have milk protein allergies; the toddler that has food refusal; the preschooler that holds their poop due to constipation; the school-age child that vomits or has belly pain; and the adolescent that has a gastrointestinal food allergy or irritable bowel syndrome.

She also treats complex gastrointestinal diseases such as Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative colitis. She is capable, well-equipped, and well-trained to provide both diagnostic and therapeutic treatment through endoscopic procedures.

“I am a woman and a mother that has achieved what I thought was impossible as a minority. I am humbled and honored that God has given me a gift of faith and healing. I am passionate about using my talents to bring joy and reassurance to my patients.” –Dr. Pressley-Wallace

Her aim is to treat patients with full confidence, care, and passion – ultimately bringing wellness and restoration to the family.


She has treated a wide range, but one case stands out most.

Dr. Pressley-Wallace reflected on a particular case where a patient she cared for was a young marathon runner. She had a new diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis and she suffered from chronic flares of disease, becoming very anemic and weak. Her condition was critical. In order to save her life, her parents agreed for her to have her colon removed. During her hospital stay, she had to be taught how to take care of her colostomy bag. She became extremely depressed.

Dr. Pressley-Wallace was able to collaborate with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation to contact a local successful model who also had a colostomy bag due to Ulcerative colitis. The model personally contacted her patient to share her story of Ulcerative colitis and provided encouragement.

Of course, her patient was so elated. So when Dr. Pressley-Wallace walked into the hospital room later that day, her father embraced her. She will never forget him saying that as a father, he did not know how to help his daughter or make her smile again. He and his wife started crying, overwhelmed with joy, and told her how appreciative they were.

Her patient was able to achieve a full recovery and is running marathons again.


Learn more Dr. Pressley-Wallace from MemorialDr. Pressley-Wallace is a Board-Certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist who practices in multiple locations along Coastal Mississippi. She obtained her medical degree from LSU School of Medicine, completed her residency at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Department of Pediatrics, and completed her Pediatric Gastroenterology fellowship at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut. She has received multiple awards for her research in Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and she has an identical twin sister who is also a medical doctor.

She is a native of Slidell, Louisiana, and she is a self-described “family girl”.  She resides in Gulfport with her supportive husband and four children: a boy, a girl and a set of twins. She is active in her father’s church and takes pride in giving back to her community.

If your child suffers from digestive issues, call 228.872.6291 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pressley-Wallace. Visit to learn more.

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