Mommy is in Isolation


It started like this…

Monday we ran errands and actually went into several stores to buy things that can’t be purchased via pickup services. Then on Tuesday, I felt like crap. By Wednesday morning I felt worse, so I went for a COVID test (not fun) and they told me to self isolate until the results came in. It could take 5-14 days, they said. 

And so it began…

Thankfully, we have a guest room with an adjoining bathroom that allowed me to isolate entirely from my husband (Allen) and son (Grayson). I wasn’t prepared for how lonely it would be to hear them throughout the house and not be physically able to join them.

The first day, I came home and went straight to the guest room without any preplanning. Big mistake. If we have to self isolate again, I’m going to do some preplanning.

Luckily, I had a load of laundry in the dryer (that my husband folded while insisting he should get a gold star) that had all of my basic necessities for a few days. 

FaceTime was a lifesaver. By the second day, they’d FaceTime from downstairs to say good morning, set me on the counter while Allen cooked, and Grayson would carry me around the house to show me his ninja moves. At the end of the day, they’d call so I could be there to tuck Grayson in. 

I also discovered how weird I am about my food. Every meal ended up with multiple plates and a lot of things came upstairs deconstructed so I could construct them. I never realized how particular I am when I make my meals. Tacos involved 2 plates, 2 ramekins and 15 minutes of guidance. I appreciated Allen’s patience and he saved us both a lot of heartache when he would listen to my description and then just say “I’ll just bring it to you separate”. 

It was hard…

It was hard to hear them living it up while I was stuck in the guest room but it was also nice to not engage in the cleanup arguments.

Allen was a champ and I appreciate him even more after he took care of everything. Though he definitely dodged a bullet since one of my isolation days was our 11th wedding anniversary!

I joke that I’d love some peace to myself, control of the t.v. and some time to just RELAX but after 5 days to myself (and negative test), I’m good for a while.