Easter Celebrations Redefined


I saw this meme the other day (because funny internet sayings are life right now, am I right?) and realized how true this is.

Just before Lenten season started, I wrote a post about Focusing our Momma Hearts but had no idea what was in store and how unique this time would be come Easter. And I’d venture to say that none of us did.

This Easter will likely look a lot different for all of us. 

This is such unchartered times for everyone. While the day-to-day of this season of physical distancing can be tough enough, I’ve also wrestled with how can we incorporate a time to celebrate one of the most significant days of the year during this time.

If I’ve learned anything through this time of distancing though, it’s that different emotions can co-exist. We can have both difficult and joyous, both uncertainty and hope, both change and comfort. I can’t help but think the One who we celebrate Easter for likely felt the same way during this time; both fearful of what was to come for himself, but through faith, joyous of what that meant for the world. 

I’ve never thought about it this way, to be honest.  

With a little shift of perspective, I’m learning that this is an opportunity, friends. We have all been stripped of our typical traditions and comforts and yet, there is still something to celebrate. 

While the traditional church services, egg hunts, and crawfish boils might not be happening, I hope that we can all still celebrate the promises of what this day brings. Easter is still a time for joy, for new beginnings: Can these things co-exist with the uncertainty of our world during this time? I believe they can.

Easter Celebrations Redefined

The funny thing about difficult times is they are often where we grow and reconnect to what’s most important to us. This year, things will undoubtedly look different, but they don’t have to be less than.

My goal this year isn’t to try and recreate any Easter we’ve had before or self-compete to outdo myself from years prior (aren’t we pros at this as moms? Making everything bigger and better and upping the ante on ourselves). Instead, as a family we are focusing on what we can do with what we have right in front of us. Focusing on simplicity. 

Our family’s plan is to livestream mass from our local church, then put our phones away, dye eggs with things we have in our home (think spinach, cabbage, and espresso), have simplified Easter Baskets, and go on a neighborhood “egg hunt” to try focus on what matters and make the most of the time we are in by still making the day festive for our kiddos. 

We don’t always get these opportunities of forced simplicity, my friends. Instead of focusing on what we’re not able to do on this day, let’s focus on what we can do. Forget the Peeps, forget the perfectly curated over the top Easter baskets, and perfect-shade-of-pink Easter dress. Let us choose to use this trying time and let it shape our celebration of Easter. To focus on the promises that this day brings for our lives and our future and commit to a day of pure, simplistic joy.

So, let me ask you this: what would a day of pure joy look like for you and your family? Would Easter look different for you this year if this was your focus?