Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Stocking Stuffers

We are thankful to partner with South Mississippi Smiles for this Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Stocking Stuffers. 

Gulf coast mom holiday Gift guide Unique stocking stuffersWe have the perfect stocking stuffer ideas! If you’re interested in getting things that are both affordable and useful, consider a fun item that also promotes good oral health. Here are a few ideas:


Toothbrush stocking stuffer ideas Gulf coast mom
Sonicare Toothbrush/Amazon

What better time to get your child a super-fun toothbrush than Christmas? From their favorite character to everything in between, you can find a toothbrush they will enjoy using every morning and night. These electric toothbrushes are great for helping kids effectively brush their teeth.


Tom’s fluoride toothpaste
Tom’s Toothpaste/Amazon

Introduce your young eco-warrior to wildlife conservation and make brushing fun with Tom’s of Maine Children’s Natural Toothpaste. Help support support World Wildlife Fund to aid endangered species. This  toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors!


Mouthwash stocking stuffer
Firefly Mouthwash/Amazon

This mouthwash prevents cavities and washes away particles that brushing alone can’t clean. It contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and fight cavities. Chose the Buzz Lightyear fun pump to easily dispense, and attached no-mess cup with a convenient storage (it also comes in a My Little Pony version)!


Berenstain Bears visit the dentist
Berenstain Bears: Visit the Dentist/Amazon

The Berenstain Bears, Visit the Dentist
Just Going to the Dentist, By Mercer Mayer

With all the treats and sweets enjoyed during the holidays, it’s a good idea to get a dental cleaning and exam after all those festivities. Make an appointment today with South Mississippi Smiles.