Simple Ornament Craft for Any Age


OrnamentsAdd some sparkle and glitter to your Christmas tree! This easy craft will brighten any mood (and tree)!


  • Mod Podge
  • Espom Salt (optional)
  • Glitter of your choice
  • Craft Sponge


Items needed for craftGather your materials. All or most can be found at the Dollar Tree. I was able to pick up everything but the mod podge and glitter (which came from Walmart).


Put down a layer of protection on the table (trash bag or old newspapers do the trick). This makes for easy clean up.

Mix together 3 tsp of glitter and 1 tsp of epson salt. Take the top off your ornament, this will help you to hold it better.

Spread the mod podge with the sponge in a thin layer on the ornament.

Spread mod podge on ornamentNext sprinkle your glitter mixture all over the ornament .


Let dry for 10 minutes.

Afterwards put top back on and shake off extra glitter.

Glittery ornamentYour ornament is now ready to be displayed on your beautiful tree.

These also makes great gifts for grandma/grandpa!