The Easter Bunny’s Guide to Quarantine


In years past this post was a guide of activities around the Gulf Coast to entertain our children during the Easter season. Unfortunately, that is not happening this year.

I can only speak for myself, but keeping things as normal as possible at home is how I am remaining calm. Well, that and alcohol, of course.

If you are planning on celebrating Easter at home this year, I hope the following recommendations will help.

I’ve linked some things to order and a lot of local shops are doing curbside pickup and even free local delivery.

Easter Baskets

  • You can even order the entire basket already put together from Sugar and Spice Children’s Apparel in Ocean Springs or these adorable baskets from Riley’s in Gulfport! Pick up available.

Easter Basket Fillers

Backyard Egg Hunts

Backyard egg hunts should be even more popular this year since community egg hunts may not happen. Here are some suggestions to take your egg hunt up a notch this year!

  • Participate in the Gulf Coast Moms Blog Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!
  • Fill eggs with activities children can claim at a later date, maybe an ice cream and movie outing.
  • Order a golden egg to fill with an extra special treat or even money.
  • Fill some eggs with a golden ticket that can be swapped for prizes, or bartered with siblings. Just cut the glitter cardstock to make your own tickets.
  • Host a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt!

Decor for Your Yard

  • Peeps! They are, in fact, good for something! Peeps on little sticks scattered around the yard is such a fun surprise for your children on Easter morning. You could even peep a friend’s yard while social distancing.
  • Wish I could take credit for this idea, but I found it online and love it! Studio DIY! brings us her family Easter tradition that looks so fun during our time of quarantine. This egg popper tree appears fun for all ages and is easy enough for moms like me, who are not artsy to say the least.

Decorating Fun