Valentine’s Day Ideas from a Preschool Teacher and Mom


Mother and son“Mommy, can you be my girlfriend?” my four year old son asks.

“No, baby.  It does not work that way.” I explain.

Although he does not quite understand the inferences that come along with Valentine’s Day, he is my little sweetheart and we can make Valentine’s Day as much about our children as we do our significant others. 

A Valentine celebration with your children can be simple and fun! 

When looking at different ideas, I was amazed at the cute and easy ideas and recipes online. As moms, we want to do all we can for our families without the added stress. These ideas and links will help you celebrate your little “loves” and many of them include materials you probably already have at home.


Most of your children will make some Valentine’s crafts at school (depending on their ages).  I am a preschool teacher, so my students always make a few crafts to take home.  But you can have an arts and crafts time with your child, as well. 

I love this comprehensive list of arts and crafts for Valentine’s Day.  Not only are there directions, but each craft includes a link, photos, videos, and supplies needed. I really enjoyed looking at these ideas!

Mom and son doing Valentine craftOne of my favorite craft ideas only requires contact paper, gift tissue, and cardstock.

  • Cut out a cardstock heart frame to give your child a section to work in.
  • Cut the tissue into small squares.
  • Let child have fun and stick the tissue on the contact paper.
  • Then cover with another layer of contact paper and cut out in the shape of heart frame.

Heart craft in windowI displayed ours in the windowsill! 

Another craft that is super easy only requires paper (or cardstock) and tempera paint. This is a good activity to also teach about symmetry.

Heart craft. Paint heart on one side

  • Cut out heart from paper or cardstock and fold heart in half
  • Have your child put paint on one side of the heart. I use Q-tips often for paintbrushes.
  • Fold the heart and press down. Then open the heart to see the cool design. 

Boy with heart craft
Choose a couple of crafts that your child will enjoy making and that you can do with things around the house. No need to get overwhelmed. Just have fun!


Valentine’s Day conjures up visions of candy hearts filled to the brim with chocolates. For our children, though, we can make Valentine’s Day treats yummy and healthy at the same time! 

On, there are so many Valentine snack ideas, and they are all easy to make. 

Strawberry and banana skewers for class party
Photo courtesy

We all know most kids like fruit. One snack I have made for both Valentine’s and other school parties are the strawberry skewers. I alternate with marshmallows or bananas. The red and white pattern looks good for Valentine’s and the colors mimic the Cat and the Hat (Dr. Suess’ birthday is March 2).

Cutie dipped in chocolate
Pinterest/Chelsea Lupkin

Another yummy Valentine’s snack are Cuties dipped in chocolate.  The combination of orange and chocolate is delicious AND healthy! 

Coming roll heart
Pinterest/The Gracious Wife

For a breakfast treat, this will surely win their hearts!

  • Simply take cinnamon rolls and unroll them. 
  • Roll both sides up back to the center and pull the bottom down to make the bottom of the heart. 
  • Bake, drizzle icing, and sprinkle with Valentine sprinkles!


Books to read for Valentine’s DayWe all know that reading to children is beneficial for vocabulary, language, and social development. But the best part is just spending time with our own children snuggled up.

We read at least two books a night as part of our bedtime routine. No matter your child’s age, there are so many choices when it comes to Valentine books and has so many suggestions and even breaks them down by age groups.

Mom and son reading a bookI Love You, Stinky Face is one example of a sweet bedtime story. The child keeps asking his mom if she will still love him if he turns into various creatures such as a dinosaur.

Babies will enjoy books like I Ruff You (the dog has soft ears to feel) and With All My Heart, I Love You which is a padded board book.

There are also various characters books such as Clifford Valentine books and Peppa Pig! Most of these books are available through Amazon or your local bookstore, as well.


There are Valentine activities that the whole family can participate in and do not require special time or materials. 

Hearts in doors for Valentine’sParents can put a heart on their children’s door each day until Valentine’s Day with one special thing they love written on each heart.

The website has several super easy activities that families can celebrate on Valentine’s Day.  “Looking for Love Hide and Seek” is one activity. 

  • Cut out a heart (the link explains how to make a felt heart beanbag; it is all up to you!)
  • Hide the heart (inside or outside). The first person to find the heart is “it.”
  • Sit around the dinner table together (no television on)! Go around and have each family member say something he/she loves about each of the other family members.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and all about family.  Choose the activities that are the most meaningful to your family.

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