13 {Healthy} Halloween Treats


Two girls eating healthy Halloween treatsHalloween… I have a love-hate relationship with this holiday. I want all the spooky fun but with healthier Halloween treats.

“[…] everyone here knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies.” – Max Dennison

Most days I feel like Max, the Halloween-hating teenage brother in Hocus Pocus: Halloween is just invented to increase candy sales. I cringe at the thought of all the Halloween parties filled with cupcakes, cookies, candies and sugary drinks. And trick-or-treating… I know it’s one night, but the sugar high is a 4-week battle (Can I get an AMEN?). 

Just when I’m about to boycott Halloween, the mom in me realizes that I want this holiday to be extra special; just like all the other holidays we celebrate. But I need to do it in a healthier way! Each year I search and test different recipes and ways to celebrate Halloween with healthier treats and foods that still allow us to fully celebrate the season.

Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite, healthier Halloween treats. Some are savory; some sweet; some dairy, nut, gluten, or vegan friendly.  But whether you have teenagers, toddlers, or tweens, there is a treat in this round-up that’s sure to bring a little more spooky to your Halloween festivities…and without all that sugar!


[GF=Gluten Free, DF=Dairy Free, NF=Nut Free, V=Vegan]


These are a favorite in our home. The kids ask for them every year! There are different variations of this treat, but this particular recipe is dairy-free and vegan.

Candy corn parfait2. SPOOKY SPIDER DEVILED EGGS [GF, NF]

If your family loves deviled eggs, these are a winner! Simply whip up a batch of your favorite deviled eggs and top them with spiders made from black olives. Don’t like olives? No worries! You can still make this treat and pick the spider off before eating.

Deviled eggs with sides made of black olives3. TANGERINE PUMPKINS [GF, DF, NF, V]

Nothing but fruits and veggies here! I love the ease of this pumpkin treat. Simply peel tangerines—or other easy-peel oranges— and stick a small celery stick in the top!

Tangerine pumpkin4. JALE HALLOWEEN GHOSTS D Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs [GF, DF, NF, V]

This is a fun fruity treat from One Simple Party.  We made these with healthier marshmallows and fruit we had in the fridge. Use a food coloring pen for the spooky faces.  I suggest ordering skewers with a blunt tip if you will be serving these to smaller children.  


Kids will love to help with this treat! Spread apple slices with your choice of nut butter or nut-free butter, then place marshmallows along the peel side of one apple. If you want to keep this treat completely free of sugar, you could use raisins or almonds for the teeth as well.


These Halloween inspired cheese quesadillas, from That Fit Fam, are simple to make and a great way to get the kids involved!  If you want a gluten-free option, you can use corn tortillas instead of flour.  Find the perfect spooky Halloween cookie cutters for shaping your quesadillas.


I first saw these edible witches brooms over at One Little Project. Debbie gets all fancy and ties a single chive around the top of the cheese to make the broom look more realistic, but we totally leave it off most of the time. This treat is great for getting the kids involved and working on fine motor skills. For a gluten-free option, look for gluten-free pretzel sticks at the store.

Broomsticks made of pretzels and cheese8. FRANKENSTEIN’S FRUIT CUPS [GF, DF, NF, V]

If you can use a Sharpie, you can make this fun treat! Clear cups are doodled with Frankenstein faces then filled with green grapes. Older kids would enjoy helping with this project!


String cheese and a Sharpie is all you need for this fun snack. No major crafting skills required! Simply draw on a ghostly face on the backside of each unopened string cheese stick.

String cheese ghost10. CLEMENTINE JACK-O-LANTERN [GF, DF, NF, V]

Time to practice your jack-o-lantern skills!  Draw jack-o-lantern faces on clementines with a sharpie. Easy peasy!

Clementines pumpkins11. HARD-BOILED GHOSTS [GF, DF, NF]

Our crew loves hard-boiled eggs for lunches and snacks. These hard-boiled ghost eggs are a fun Halloween twist to an everyday food. To make these ghosts, peel hard-boiled eggs and carefully cut faces into one side of the egg. I have used the end of a piping tip and a small pairing knife to carve out the faces. Both work well.

Hard boiled eggs made into ghosts12. TASTY WITCH FINGERS [GF, DF, NF, V]

Most witch finger treats are doused in sugar but not these! To make these creepy, tasty witch fingers, fill celery sticks with your choice of nut butter or alternative then top one end with a sliced almond for the nail.


I love this twist on jack-o-lanterns from Simply Jilicious!  Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, but to boost the sweetness, I will sometimes sprinkle the slices with coconut sugar and cinnamon before backing. When you pull your jacks from the oven, your sweet potato jack-o-lanterns will look even more spooky!

Sweet potato slices made into pumpkinsMake one or all of these fun, healthy Halloween treats for your family to enjoy! We can’t wait to see your creations!
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