Busy Mom Pot Roast


Cooking with Carlin

I called this one Busy Mom Pot Roast, but it seriously tastes like you have been in the kitchen all day slaving away. When in actuality you set it and forgot it! But shhhhh the family doesn’t need to know! You are about to make the best pot roast you have ever tasted in your life. It’s guaranteed to leave your family asking for seconds and you will be the talk of the town at your next holiday party! 


Ingredients for roast1 pork pot roast 

1 half yellow onion 

1 bag of red potatoes 

1 bag of carrots 

1 32oz carton of chicken stock 

1 stick of butter (not margarine) 

1 packet on Lipton soup mix 

1 tsp lemon pepper

1 tbsp garlic herb dash seasoning 

1 tbsp adobo seasoning

1 tbsp slap yo momma

1 tbsp of garlic powder 

1tbsp of bait season (optional) 

1 packet of sazon Goya 


Rinse your thawed roast and place in your crockpot or roaster. Add your full carton of stock, then fill your carton with water and add to the pot (don’t worry… this is going to create an amazing broth).

Next add all your seasoning and roughly chopped onion to the pot. Place lid and cook for the next 6 hours on your high setting. (If using the roaster set temp to 350-400). 


At the 6 hour mark your roast should be cooked through. At this point you can take a fork and begin to slightly shred it. (You do not have to thinly shred unless that is your desire, or don’t shred at all). Once shredded place lid on pot and continue to cook for another hour.

While roast is cooking, quarter your potatoes and rinse. Place potatoes in pot and finish cooking.


Once an hour has passed, potatoes should be fork tender and roast should fall apart. Broth in the pot at this point has reduced down significantly (if potatoes are not tender, continue to cook in 30 minute intervals). Once potatoes are tender, (DO NOT STIR) pour in half a bag of baby carrots, add stick of butter and cut temp off and close lid. Let roast rest for 30 minutes as carrots soften in broth and the potatoes soak up the juice.

Roast carrots and potatoesSTEP 4

Serve over rice and enjoy. 

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