Happy No Housework Day


Happy No Housework Day!  When I first learned of this holiday, I thought to myself, “That’s a national holiday? That’s every day in my house!”  I need someone to declare a Do ALL The Housework Day.  

Between work, kids, and a family calendar that looks like a hurricane spaghetti model, who has the time?

Of course, that would be my response under normal conditions, but these are special times in which we are living. Thanks to a little thing we like to call a pandemic, even not-so-great half-hearted housekeepers like myself have become clean freaks and experts in the art of sanitization (washing groceries anyone?).

It’s exhausting! That’s why this year we have all earned the right to celebrate April 7th as No Housework Day in grand style!

no houswork day


Dirtied a few dishes while whipping up lunch? Who cares?! Let those soiled ceramics soak in a sink-sized hot tub while you go do the same in a life-sized one!


Even better, how about you don’t cook at all? Use this as an opportunity to support a local restaurant with take out (you can still take all the credit of course…shhh! We won’t tell).

Or have a Leftovers on Leftovers Special!  Last night’s spaghetti never tasted so good on those leftover super hero party plates from your 6 year old’s birthday! Heat, enjoy, toss.


That’s right!  Leave those corners untucked, and that comforter that your husband stole from you all night balled up on his side of the bed. The kids won’t even have to fib when asked “did you make your bed this morning?”  

Today is a strict “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy! Leave that bed unmade all day, because with all the time you’re going to save not cleaning, you’ll have plenty for nap time. So really, what’s the point?


Declare it a PJ day!  Who needs actual pants in a world of social distancing? Not me!  

Eliminate clothes going into those hampers for later by throwing a 24 hour pajamapalooza! Because National No Housework Day is a…


Is your laundry erupting like Mt. Vesuvius (although lava would be less annoying, obviously)?

messy laundry room

Slam the door on your laundry room.  Put the Tide Pods on an even higher shelf.  Walk away from that basket of unmatched socks that is basically an extended stay motel for the newly divorced.  

Not today, Satan! We will not be washing, drying, folding, or repeating on this day! No ma’am!


Until tomorrow, there will be no sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, or mopping on our watch!

So let those dog hair tumbleweeds blow. Crumbs on the carpet?  Keep it movin’ sister! Mother-in-law says you don’t pass the white glove test?  Wait…isn’t she supposed to be sheltered in her OWN place?!

Look away! Nothing to see here!


The most important part of celebrating No Housework Day is throwing guilt in the garbage (the only garbage you’re going to take out today)!  

You are hereby given permission to neglect ALL the housework GUILT-FREE! So, don’t sweat it when you see that dust bunny hop on by. Take another sip of your “quaran-tini” when anxiety over that peanut butter scented finger print on the window creeps in. Just crawl back in that bed and enjoy snuggles with all those little mess-makers while you can. For tomorrow is another day.

Click here for Spring Cleaning tips from local moms (but not until tomorrow).  


  1. This article just made my day!! Thank you Laura- no chores for me today!! Looking forward to a quaran-tini later too!!

  2. Who ever heard of “Happy No Housework Day”? Not me! I love the sound of that. I’m afraid I am guilty of it more than others during this quarantine as my “elective knee surgery” (who would ELECT to have knee surgery) has slowed me down to a halt. Go ahead, Laura, take a nap! You deserve it! Besides, you have 5 men in the house. They’ve got your back and will wave their magic Star War’s Swords and it will all be done in a nano second.

  3. Happy No Housework Day sounds good to me and you, Dear Laura, deserve a day off. No worries, you have five men in your house who can wave their Star Wars Wands and have the work done in a nano second.

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