Hispanic Heritage Month: Ways to Celebrate with Familia


¡Hola! Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to learn about and appreciate how Hispanic Americans have made a positive impact on our life. We may not realize how enriched and cultured our country is due to the impact of Hispanic Americans.

We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 until October 15. These dates are not the typical month long celebrations that we see when recognizing other events or celebrations. Celebrations for this 30-day period can vary.

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate with your familia, community, and amigos:


Who are historical or current Hispanic influencers to the U.S.? The list is expansive. From famous entertainers to sports to politics to groundbreakers in science and education, there is no doubt that Hispanic Americans have enriched the United States. Now is the perfect time to recognize and pay homage to the contributions of Hispanic Americans.

La Comida

The tastiest way to embrace a new culture is through food! If you do your research, you will find that Hispanic food has so much variety. Try a new, authentic recipe that originates from a Spanish speaking country. If you usually eat Mexican food, explore something Chilean. Paellas from Spain, Tres Leches cake from Central America, Pupusa from El Salvador, coffee from Cuba or Colombia. There are so many options. This is a great opportunity to get the family involved. Let the niños choose a country from a region and find a recipe that seems new and tasty.

Spanish Word of the Day

Have you noticed that this article has included a few Spanish words? They have been worked into sentences very casually. You may have read over them and picked up their meaning based on their context. The point is that Spanish is very easy to learn and use!

Challenge yourself to use these words in your daily vocabulary. To learn more Spanish, try downloading a free, easy to use app that gives you daily language learning practice.