Mom Boss Monday: A Simply Clean Home with Ashley

We are thankful to partner with Ashley from Simply Clean Co. for Mom Boss Monday. We love to support women in business, especially mothers in our community.Ashley Mom Boss Monday Gulf Coast Mom
“Motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears, and most of all, love.”
– Lysa Terkeurst

All of those little moments of motherhood are so important, so vital and it simply isn’t fair that a mother should have to choose between those moments and the pressure to keep a clean house. Knowing that pressure all too well, I sought to form Simply Clean Co. and have found a profound sense of joy helping mothers in our community.

My name is Ashley McDonald. I am a proud wife and mother of one beautiful, sassy, inquisitive little miss Georgia Lynn. For as long as I can remember, I’ve worked. In school, it was food service. As I grew up, it was an attorney’s office, but since I was old enough, there’s always been a job. I think you grow up fast when you must be so responsible for yourself and others at such a young age.

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I was ambitious and eager and a worker.

That all came to a complete halt when I found out I was pregnant in 2018. I was told at a young age I would never be able to have children, and I had discounted childrearing in general. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was pregnant. Imagine my further surprise when, after having Georgia Lynn, we discovered she has Micro-Deletion Syndrome, a rare genetic disease caused by a deletion on the long arm of chromosome 15.

As a result of her diagnosis, Georgia has had multiple medical issues, requiring special nutrition, a feeding tube, multiple flights to specialty children’s hospitals, and many long days and nights attending her various therapies.

It seems that overnight I went from a career driven wife to a special needs mom, with no preparation for that journey.

We recently learned that our little family would be growing by one more, as we will welcome a beautiful son into the world this fall.

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Some days, I don’t know how I’ll accomplish everything there is to do, but we all push through, don’t we?  I think I can attest to the overwhelm most moms feel with the need to keep up with everything for their families. We keep up with medications, meals, housework, schedules, and anything else that has to have a plan.

We plan, plan, plan, and I can speak for myself when I say, sometimes that planning takes over everything else, including our enjoyment of the actual moments of motherhood.

With that in mind, I created Simply Clean Co.It was my hope that, through a mutual relationship with families in our community, I would be able to help some of our local moms enjoy their special moments by taking the stress of a clean house off of their plate. In return, the revenue generated has been such a blessing for Georgia Lynn’s many medical bills.

At Simply Clean Co., we believe there is nothing better than creating peace from chaos. Our motto focuses on the basics of stress-free family life: simple, clean, functional living. I’ve been so blessed to start this little business and watch it grow in ways I’ve never thought possible.  I’ve met the most wonderful families and have been able to contribute financially to our family once again.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share our story and so thankful for those who have allowed me into their homes.  My cup is forever full.

About the Author
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Ashley is a mother, wife and lover of organization. She provides cleaning services that focuses on simple, clean and functional living.

I am so grateful to Gulf Coast Mom for highlighting our small business and giving me the opportunity to share a little of myself and my beautiful family with the Gulf Coast.

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