Moms Love: Living Room Spring Refresh + Miskelly Furniture


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Well, we made it through 2020 y’all! Spring 2021 is underway and it’s time to spring  refresh your space with Miskelly Furniture.

I’m sure most of you can agree that after staring at the four walls of our homes for the past year, we all feel that it’s high time for a makeover of sorts – but for our homes. Self-care has been the buzz phrase for the past few years, and righteously so. As wives, mothers, spouses, and caretakers, so much comes out of us each day. And for many of us, all that “doing” has been done in the home for the past few months.

Isn’t it high time that we make our home a place that we can love and feel comfortable in?

Spring living room refresh Miskelly Furniture
Living room before spring refresh.

So here’s our story. We moved into our brand new home in late January 2020, and much to our chagrin, right around the corner was a shutdown. We were unable to shop for the furniture that would make our space a true home, so for a year we dwelled, like most of us, under the roof, all together, 24/7… But… we were in serious limbo with no furniture! With shelter in place, there simply was no more “shopping at the store,” sitting on the sofa to try it out, no face-to-face interaction in the furniture stores, nada!

My family was stuck using a small loveseat for our main sitting space that we had originally planned as my office seating!

Fast forward to a whole year later and I realized that my absolute favorite furniture store had opened a location in Hattiesburg! Y’all know I planned a day date with the hubby and high-tailed it to the Miskelly Furniture in the Hub City! There I discovered, among many other beautiful pieces, our dream “farmhouse chic” sofa and loveseat set!

I wanted to keep with the “all white everything” theme in my home, but as a family with three small children, I was worried about wear, tear and stains.

The amazing sales associate, Mrs. Debbie informed me of Miskelly Furniture‘s unmatched Fearless Furniture Buying program. I chose to purchase the Furniture Care Protection Program which covers any accidental stain attributed to a single incident, accidental rips, tears, burns, or punctures, accidental scratches, chips, or dents that penetrate the finish of hard surfaces, and water beverage marks or rings.

The perfect creamy, dreamy nail head embellished sofa from Miskelly Furniture was now ours!

Spring living room refresh Miskelly Furniture 2
Spring refresh after selecting my dreamy white couch! Photo credit: William Colgin

We ordered it and it shipped in no time. When it arrived, the staff so graciously unpacked it, put it up in our home and we were all set!

I’m so glad that even with three rambunctious little ones, I was able to choose the furniture that I love and that best fit my aesthetic, thanks to Miskelly Furniture!

We added in some greenery pops, changed around some existing decor from other parts of our home, coupled the new sofa with beautiful throw pillows, and we spring refreshed our space with Miskelly Furniture!

Basically, we can have our cake and eat it too. (And if the kids happen to have their cake, and spill icing on the sofa, we’re good too!)

Everyone deserves to dwell in a space that you LOVE!

Jumping for joy for Miskelly Furniture
Jumping for joy after our spring refresh from Miskelly Furniture. Photo credit: William Colgin

To all my Gulf Coast mamas, check out Miskelly Furniture in Hattiesburg when you are hankering for a room or home makeover. We are excited that we did!

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