Our Secret to the Perfect Sleepover

We are thrilled to partner with Sweet Southern Sleepovers and guest blogger Adrienne Elliott for this post.

Do you remember your first-ever sleepover?

It is a BIG deal! The excitement of it all as a child. You know its coming, your friend is on their way to spend the night at your place. You want it to be perfect, snacks set out and activities ready to roll. There is so much to plan to create the perfect sleepover.

My memories of sleepovers as a child are honestly some of the best!

Parent’s Perspective

Can I tell you until I had children of my own I never thought of it from the parent’s point of view? Funny how that works!

It is, of course, anticipation for the parent as well. Not that I am complaining but life is busy and an experience mixed with convenience is not such a bad thing, right?!

The Perfect NAPover

We had the opportunity to have Sweet Southern Sleepovers come to our home and set up a NAPover for our girls and their precious little friends. This was the ultimate combination of experience mixed with convenience and LOTS and LOTS of little giggles.

Our girls were dressed in their nightgowns, because in this home these sisters despise the idea of pants (all girlie girl in this tribe).

Easy Set-Up and Clean Up

Five little girls under five years old waited patiently at first as Sweet Southern Sleepover came and set up the playroom with so many adorable surprises! I could hardly wait to not only see the set-up but the girls’ reactions to the room! Although the set up did not take long at all, I have to be honest… I did let them peak through the window because having two 2 1/2-year-old twins wait can be a challenge.

Sweet Southern Sleepovers not only does ALL of the set-up they come back and take everything down for you! Us mammas were left with NO clean-up and happy littles. I believe that is what you would call a win-win! 

Cutest Theme

Sweet Southern Sleepovers was so professional and loving to our girls! The theme was sparkles and unicorns with twinkly lights – every little girl’s dream!

The teepees were dressed up with flowers, soft tulle and lights! Inside were crisp white sheets, soft blush-colored blankies and a serving tray with some homemade unicorn popcorn and unicorn sticker sheets! Not to mention a little LED candle that the girls thought was very special! Throw pillows in sequins & unicorns were the perfect place to snuggle up in their own personal teepees. 

Amazing Memories

Our girls had such an amazing time with their friends, making crafts, snacking and exploring this experience in their own ways. It ended with a parent-approved friendly pillow fight and big warm hugs! This was a memory they will have forever and a wonderful experience all around.


Social Distancing Policy: We recommend all clients follow the CDC and state-mandated guidelines. We also recommend the person booking the sleepover speaks with each guest’s parents to ensure they have not been sick or have come in contact with anyone that was/has been sick recently. Sleepovers are currently recommended for those in your “quarantine circle” or people you frequently spend time with. 

When setting up, we always wear our masks while in the homes. Everything is thoroughly cleaned and steamed prior to setup. We also Lysol items before we leave. All set-up equipment is held for 7 days before using again to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing.