Let Pascagoula’s Hidden Gem Help Keep You Sane (and Cool) This Summer


Summer is here, and your kiddos are now with you all day. Both you and they are excited…for about two days.  Then they’re bored and whiny, and if you watch Spooky Buddies on Netflix one more time, you’re going to lose it. I get it. And it’s going to be ok. You WILL survive the summer!

I’m a mama of 4 littles—6, 4, 3, and 1. I envisioned my life as a WAHM with all four of them gathered around the kitchen table moving from one Pinterest craft to another while I created beautiful, healthy meals in my high heels.

In reality, I’m trying to keep my youngest from playing in the toilet while his 3 year old sister is coloring on the walls. And my “older” two girls are karaoking to “This is Me” so loudly the neighbors might call in a “disturbing the peace” complaint.

Instead of high heels, I’m in my trusty yoga pants and t-shirt I’ve worn for the last, um…couple days. And surely a banana and a pb&j sandwich will keep them out of the kitchen for a least an hour, right?

And then, even though you know you’re courting disaster by taking them in public, you just can’t stay in the house one minute more. So, really, I get it. But y’all. It’s hot here in South Mississippi. And it’s only June.

So what’s an exhausted mama, who doesn’t want to chase 4 kids around the park, to do? Enter the Aaron Jones Family Interactive Center in Pascagoula. The hours vary during the summer, so make sure you check the calendar on the website before you pile everyone in the minivan, but seriously, this place is heaven for moms kids.

Pirate Ship Room at the FIC

Why We Love the FIC

First, it’s free. Yep, totally free. Also, it’s inside (read: air conditioned). Kids love all the different themed rooms. The FIC boasts a pirate room with an actual pirate ship to play on, a grocery store, a STEM room, Toddler Town, a gym so they can run their little hearts out, a block room, a wetlands room.  And a little birdie told me they are working on a new animal-themed room. Oh, and a mini-golf course!

The kids play, and you enjoy a few seconds of peace. Until you have to clean up all those little figurines they dumped out all over the block room. You could probably even convince another mom to bring her kiddos. Can you imagine? A few uninterrupted sentences of adult conversation?

Even better, pack up those bananas and sandwiches and step outside to the playground for lunch. Now that boring lunch is a magical picnic, and you’re totally the best mom ever. Summer saved!

Mila (3) and Vin (1) playing at a one of the stations set up in the gym area
Jonna (6), Zanna (4), and Mila (3) check out the exhibits at April’s Under the Sea themed Super Saturday


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