Make a Splash This Summer! :: My Family’s Splash Pad Faves


Summertime is my favorite time of year, especially as a teacher momma. I love to soak in every moment with my two little girls while I can. This often means we do something fun or adventurous every day. This can be a bit exhausting, as keeping the kids entertained in the house can be way more work than it’s worth at times. However, I can always count on the splash pad to save the day when we need to get out of the house. It allows me to get a mom break while my kids play, just a little peace to relax without worrying about their every move. We haven’t hit up all the local splash pads – they they are growing in numbers! But we do like to venture out to try different ones here and there. 

Here are a few of our favorite and here’s why…

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Point Cadet, Biloxi

As a mom of a three year old and one year old, a clean bathroom that’s not a porta potty is pretty much at the top of my list when in search for the best local splash pad. I don’t consider myself picky, but considering my three year old still needs assistance, a decent bathroom is super handy. The splash pad and park at Point Cadet is the spot if you are all about that bathroom. Did you also know that the Point Cadet splash pad doesn’t have concrete like most local splash pads? This park has a rubbery mat instead of concrete, which is great when your kids are as clumsy as mine. Or if you have a baby who is not quiet ready to walk but still enjoys the water. With the splash pad being located right next to the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum, this park makes a great stop on your way out before heading home. 



Hiller Park, Biloxi

We recently discovered the splash pad at Hiller Park in Biloxi. While this splash pad does not have the luxury restrooms, it does have turtle-themed water rings your child can run through and a nice nature trail area for children to explore. After the girls had a snack under the shaded picnic tables, stopping by the park to play was a must. I am looking forward to going back soon to explore those nature trails.

Popp’s Ferry Recreational Area, Biloxi

Another fun yet small splash pad located in Biloxi is the Popp’s Ferry Recreational Area located behind the fire station and library. My daughter Raley’s favorite part about this splash pad is the buckets that periodically dropped water onto her head. There aren’t inside restrooms at this splash pad, but there is a fun playground and even a grill that’s perfect for a birthday party cookout.

splash pad

West Side, Gulfport

If you are looking for a more quiet splash pad with lots of water spraying out of the rings, trees and buckets, then this one’s for you. I liked that there were several benches around the splash pad so that I could relax while the kids played. The covered picnic tables is a great spot to enjoy a packed lunch while catching a view of the beach. 

Jones Park, Gulfport

Our favorite things about the Jones Park splash pad is the indoor restrooms and the location right next to the beach. It makes it super easy to be able to visit both without having to put soaking wet kids in the car. 

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If you’re looking for a free place to host your child’s birthday party, then a splash pad may be your answer. Last year all of the kids had a blast at our girls’ birthday party at the Point Cadet splash pad. I didn’t mind the fact that it got me out of decorating. Can we say easiest and simplest birthday party ever!

There are splash pads all along the Gulf Coast. We plan to continue to visit different parks throughout the summer and are taking recommendations! Which ones are your favorite and why?

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