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Centennial Plaza has a remedy for the summertime blues!
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A south Mississippi summer can leave you either melting on the sand or boarded up inside your home with the curtains drawn.  And whether you are a small family or large family, neither of those can sound appealing week after week. The kids get cranky, too hot, and bored with too much screen time.  But you don’t need to go on a big family vacay to shake things up! We have found the perfect remedy for those summertime blues.

You can expect nothing short of good food, good vibes, good people, and great FUN. Here are a few reasons we love going to Centennial Plaza:


I’ve mentioned before how spectacular the grounds of Centennial Plaza are but did you know they have an amazing, fun, and family-friendly water playground? It’s true!  You can float in the lazy river, get your thrills on the water slides, or ease your way into the fun with a unique zero-entry pool.

Until recently, this one-of-a-kind water fun has only been accessible to resort guests.  However, starting this June, Centennial Plaza’s water playground will open to the public each Sunday from 4-7 PM this summer for a jammin’ pool party! (Yes, live DJ included!)


Centennial plaza 6Let’s be real, water parks and the like can get tricky when you have a family that has various age ranges. One child may like all the thrilling excitement of slides while the next child wants to just splash in a puddle.  No worries my friend! Centennial Plaza’s water playground will keep both types happy!

Your adventure enthusiast will enjoy the large water slides. As they climb the towering stairs to the top, they get a glimpse of the entire water playground and the most beautiful view of our #secretcoast. Thrill-seekers keep going back for more with two slides to choose from. They can zip down either slide full of twists and turns, before splashing into the pool below. They can then hop a ride on the lazy river or climb back out and head up for another turn down their favorite slide.

Centennial plaza 3
Photo credit: The Bourbon Cactus

The large splash pad in the center of the lazy river far exceeds any other splash pad on the Coast. This, truly, was my favorite area as it had a little something for everyone. The littlest family member to, dare I say, pre-teen and younger teen will find enjoyment on the splash pad. Your water hesitant child will be entertained for hours as this area is full of color, whimsy, and fun! There are sprinkling umbrellas, shallowing spots to cool down, stairs, rope ladders, and slides. But watch out for the cascading water buckets hiding through the play area. You never know when you will get doused by an overflowing bucket of water!

Kids (and parents) can share a competitive race down a water-filled but miniature version of the beloved potato sack slide found at the carnival. No sacks needed but still just as much fun! Plus, with 10 splash pad slides to choose from, you’ll find fun for all comfort levels. From closed and curvy to short and open, I promise the fun just keeps rolling!


For the more relaxed family member, Centennial Plaza’s water playground has a gentle winding 950 ft lazy river that weaves in and out the play areas. So rest assured, momma, that if you want to take a float in the crystal clear water, you can still steal a peek at the kids doing their thang.

More of the lounging type? I got you…Go ahead and ease into the fun with the zero-entry pool. Wade in the shallows or swim around in the deep end. After you’ve worked up a thirst, go ahead and grab a drink from the swim-up bar without leaving the cool waters. If you prefer to stay dry and just sun-bathe, there are lounge chairs, tables, and umbrellas throughout the playground – with good views of the Coast and the fun.


Centennial Plaza’s Sunday Pool Parties are from 4 pm – 7 pm. So, chances are your crew will need to refuel before heading home. But don’t stress! The Oasis Grill has a variety of menu options to fill up on; burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. (I totally recommend the hummus dip and anything with fries!)

If you need a little break from the sun, you can absolutely choose to eat at the casual dining restaurant. But why not dine poolside!  Order through a grill runner or, if you prefer, call in your order and choose a call-back when your order is ready. 

Take a quick 5-minute stroll to the Oasis Grill, then like a hero, you’re back to the action with food to curb the hangry mob. 


Centennial plaza 4Sunshine, tan lines, and summer jams; a summer pool party isn’t complete without the perfect playlist. Each Sunday swim, lounge, and splash to the music from the live DJ. Find the vibe in your pool float or have a mini dance party. No need to worry about the tunes, the DJ keeps it upbeat and family-friendly.


You’re ready to make a splash at the pool party so here are all the deets! Sunday Pool Parties are held at Centennial Plaza’s Oasis Resort inside their gated water playground.

Centennial plaza pool party gulf coast mom

  • Children 5 and under are free and do not require a wristband.
  • The wristband price is $25/person ($20/military). You must have a wristband to enter the playground. Wristbands may be purchased onsite only. 
  • Party is from 4 pm – 7 pm, with wristbands typically going on sale at 3 pm.
  • Seating is first-come, first-serve.
  • There are limited wristband sales. This keeps the event fun and not overcrowded.
  • Convenient parking directly in front of the Oasis Resort hotel or adjacent to the Chapel.
  • Pool towels are available. You may also bring your own.
  • The crystal clear water is a mixture of salt water and chlorine. (My sensitive skin kiddos had no issues from the mixture.)
  • Clean bathroom facilities with changing tables.


  • The event is family-friendly and SAFE. (I loved the fact that the playground had multiple guards patrolling each area. The gating and pre-requisite of a wristband let me know my children were safe. And the music was fun and tasteful.)

The days can be long but summer is short so soak up all the laughter and fun at Centennial’s Sunday Pool Party.

Centennial Plaza 5
Photo credit: The Bourbon Cactus

You can’t go wrong with good people, good food, and good vibes.

See you at Centennial Plaza!

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