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Our Favorite Cool Treats for Kids & Parents

Our Favorite Cool Treats for Kids & Parents

I don’t know what it is about this year in particular that has made me so deeply aware of the heat and humidity level of south Mississippi.

My sweet sister came to visit from out of town and I was telling her how in the Summer all of our activities, our meals, everything we do is based on getting relief from the heat: boating, swimming, snowballs, splash pads, smoothies, and sweet tea!

This got me thinking, on the Gulf Coast Summer is not just about escaping the heat, it’s also about celebrating it! Something we do well in the South is that we use everything as an excuse to celebrate, and what better way to both celebrate and escape the heat than sweet treats for the whole family.

The Gulf Coast has so much to offer for both kids and adults to enjoy together! Think snowballs and beer floats (yes this is a thing!) or popsicles right across the street from a top-notch margarita. We have so much to offer to simultaneously escape the heat and celebrate Summer together as a family!

Check out some of our contributors’ favorite sweet treats to beat the heat:



Photo credit: Bright-Eyed




Photo credit: Chillville. Try the beer float!


Photo credit: Daisy Belle


Frozen daiquiri Photo credit: The Pass Daq

I’ve intentionally included a few specifically Black-owned businesses to show our support of this community. If you want to find more local Black-owned restaurants check out our full post here.