Tips for Surviving Your First Year as a New Mom


When I started as a new mom, I was at the tender age of 23 and had absolutely no idea what I was about to take on. I prepared for the arrival of my first son in August of 2013 and second son in August of 2015. Let me say, I have an amazing support system. My family and my husband’s family showered me with love and guidance, even still today. What I learned in the first year assisted tremendously when I became a mother of two. With encouragement and support of family and friends, I was able to make it to where I am today as the mom of two active kiddos. They shared some interesting tips with me that I hope are useful to you on your new adventure of becoming a new mom.

1. It is going to be an adventure.

Having a new baby can be a very fun and exciting time of your life! It will be filled with laughter and more awe moments than you think your heart can handle. Yes, there will be a few trial and error moments, and that is okay. Remember, just as you are learning your new baby, your new baby is learning you. Take your time and embrace all the beautiful moments motherhood brings. Your baby loves you and will have no problem showing you just how much.

2. Kids have their own personalities.

I see this a lot more now that my kids are getting older. When they each were in their first year, they were so loveable and sweet. As they got older, I was able to see their little personalities come out. Little being an oversimplification of how unique their personalities are going to be. Encourage those moments that allow their personalities to shine. Sit back and watch your kids play together. They grow overnight. Take in all their moments and the things that make them unique.

3. Your kid will take over your life.

You will find yourself always thinking about and wanting to put your kids first. Their happiness becomes your happiness. It’s the most genuine and innocent love you can know. Embrace it.

4. Get ready to be exhausted.

NEWS FLASH!!! You are the new superwoman, so get it together now! Your kids will look to you for everything! You are their goto person. Get ready to hear your new name being called loud and clear.

5. Take a first aid and CPR class.

This is a great idea moms, seriously. You want to be able to help your kids when they need it!

6. Learn to love what you see in the mirror.

Your body will have a new look post baby. It will serve as a reminder of the beautiful blessing you gave birth to. Appreciate yourself and love yourself as much as your baby does. You delivered a miracle.

7. Let go of all selfishness…you won’t have time for it.

You now have another person depending on you and demanding a lot of you on a constant basis. You actually have to be the responsible adult your parents always envisioned you being because… well, now you’re a parent. Let all selfishness go out the window and focus on being a great person to your kids. They depend on you for everything. So you don’t have room to be selfish anymore.

8. Find “me” time.

Whether it is taking an extended soak bath or a solo trip to the grocery store, make the most of those moments of solitude. In the beginning, my “me” time was anything I had the chance to do alone. Find something you have to do anyway by yourself and let that be your “me” time daily.

9. Relax and recharge.

Have a spa day, or go out to eat with your girlfriends, whatever you choose to do, do it kid free. I know that sounds crazy now, but trust me, it is quite alright. Give yourself a chance to have a moment to clear your head. Taking time to yourself while the kids are with dad is a great way to relax and recharge after mothering 24/7/365.

10. Have regular adult conversation.

In the first year, you will spend time cuddling and talking to your baby so much that it might feel like you haven’t had adult conversation in a while. Catch up with a friend or go out to dinner with your spouse. Be sure you engage with other adults on a constant basis. It is very easy to get caught in the goo-goo gaga talk with your growing baby.

11. Cherish all the little moments.

It is very true that your kids grow up in a blink of an eye. It is one of the most amazing feelings ever to watch your children grow up. They will have the sweetest, funniest, and most adorable moments you will ever see. Cherish every single one of them. Motherhood is beautiful and a true blessing. Enjoy it, mom!


  1. Lol number 10 was so real for me! It got so bad while I was on maternity leave that when adults would talk to me I would find myself speaking baby talk to them! And my first solo trip (to walmart lol) I was so sad to leave her behind that I had my mom send me a pic of her even though I’d only been gone 10 minutes. This journey, however challenging, has been so beautiful and amazing and scary and crazy and I wouldn’t trade one single second of it!

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