Call Her Mother…


What do you call a woman that has lost her child?

It’s simple… you call her Mother.

Some say that in order to truly understand where a person is coming from, you have to experience where they have been. Truer words have never been spoken.

Before I was blessed with my rainbow baby, my beloved Emmarie Grace, I became the mommy to an angel baby. I never had the opportunity to see him/her…never even heard the heartbeat. But from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I became a mom.

On Christmas Day 2011, my angel baby left this world and it devastated me. In an instant, my child was no longer here and all I was left with was hopes and dreams of what could have been. It is a pain that I would not wish for anyone because it is a scar that will never truly heal.

The cousin pack. Back row: Genobea, Jeremy, Arreal; Front row: Asaad, Chris, Emerson

This Mother’s Day…

I want to send sincere wishes of love to two very special women in my life who were able to experience time with two very precious Angels that, unfortunately, had to leave this world too soon.

These mothers, these two INCREDIBLE women, had to endure a mother’s worst nightmare and that is to bury each of their children.

Their strength, courage and sheer determination to choose to get up every day and face life no matter the hardship is inspiring. I pen this letter to them with every ounce of love I have in me.

Because… You are a Mom!

To my dearest Joy and Erin,

To endure what you both have endured is a pain that I cannot imagine. They say that no parent should have to bury their child. After watching you both do so I can truly say that I was able to witness the true strength and courage of a mother.

Although it’s been some time since you both lost your sons, there is no timetable on grief and there is no shame in still grieving. You both lost a precious gift but what you did not lose was the title of MOTHER!

From the moment you held your baby boys in your arms until the day God calls you home to be with them, you will forever be mothers.

Joy – if ever you find yourself missing your mischievous little man, then look no further than your Godchild Emmarie. His spark and joy for life lives through his namesake, Emerson. When you hug her, you are hugging a part of him.

And Erin – I made a promise to Mark, my high school sweetheart, that you were mine for a lifetime. I am yours as you are mine…forever and always. 

The examples you both have set have made me a better mother and I am eternally grateful for you both.

Happy Mother’s Day to you both this year and every year.


Arrea’l, Emmarie Grace and your two angels in heaven Emerson and Mark.

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Arrea'l is a giver of smiles, a lover of chocolate, a fan of sunsets but most importantly the mother to Emmarie Grace. During the day you can find her at Biloxi City Hall where she is the mayor's secretary, while at night her sole purpose is getting her kid bathed, fed and put down so that she can be in bed by 9pm (eh, it's a work in progress). In her spare time (what is that?), she likes to read trashy novels, compose terrible poetry and daydream about drinking margaritas. But if you ask her what is her most favorite thing to do in the world, her answer would be watching her mini-me discover all the amazing things that she can do and cherishing every single moment. If you'd like to contact this "fly by the seat of her pants" mama with any questions, comments, concerns or just plain encouragement, you can email her at


  1. Tears filled my eyes as I read this blog. Prayers go out to all mother’s on mother’s day especially those who have lost a child. ????????????????

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