Cheers to Low Maintenance Friends


Low maintained friendsEver feel like you blink and your life is incredibly different when you open your eyes? Recently, I realized my life has changed so much in the past few years. I married my amazing husband. He’s military, so we’ve moved several times. And in the middle of it all welcomed an intelligent, hilarious, beautiful son, who’s 20 months and all over place. (#humblemombrag). While I love the whirlwind journey of recent life, I’m also thankful for friends who understand and relate to these changes. Cheers to you, my low-maintenance friends. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

We may not talk every day.

Often, it’s weeks, months and occasionally years between chats—far longer than I’d like. I have made so many incredible friends over the years that fall under this category, especially since becoming a military wife. I’ve left behind several wonderful friends I’d made in our short time at each duty station. The good news is that having to leave my friends doesn’t always mean goodbye.

Being states (or oceans) away can make chatting regularly challenging. And while technology makes it easier to stay in touch (looking at you, Facebook) it’s not the same as being able to sip wine together as you swap #momlife stories and nod along in agreement thankful someone can relate.

Low maintenance friends are understanding.

I’m so grateful for friends who don’t get mad if they don’t hear from me for a while and then suddenly get a random text for advice about something. I don’t question and worry about my friendships when I don’t hear from them until they want to remind me about “that one time at work”. In fact, these are some of the friendships I don’t have to worry at all about during the times we don’t talk because there’s a mutual respect—an understanding that we’re off living lives, juggling careers, raising kids, adopting pets, traveling, and everything else under the sun!

Even when we’re not talking on the phone or texting, we stay connected via social media, “liking”, commenting, and sharing posts from each other. Always finding ways to show that we still see and support one another.

Since becoming a mother in 2016, I’ve been guilty of neglecting friendships while attempting to learn how to mom. But you know what? My low maintenance friends are always just one text or call away, as am I for them. Some of them have kids, too. Others don’t. I’ve got my “ask her anything” friend, my “what’s a good show to binge” friend, my “I need mommy advice” friend, my “this just reminded me of you” friends, etc. The list is endless, but you get the point.

We all know life can be crazy.

I literally have friends minutes away, and we still sometimes struggle to get together. Our meet ups have become a quick lunch at a kid friendly restaurant, or a play date at the splash pad.

Don’t get me wrong—I find it so important to make time for yourself, to spend time nurturing friendships. But that’s not always possible, and low maintenance friends understand. They know life can get in the way, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about them or value our friendship.

The best part about low maintenance friends: when we’re together, we don’t miss a beat.


No matter how much time has passed, it’s like we were never apart. Even when everything’s changed, we still get each other. We talk about “that time when” and make new memories.

So thank you, guys! To all of my low maintenance friends, wherever you are right now, raise your glass. I’m “cheers-ing” you from states away.

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Katie is a military spouse originally from Florida, and has been back on the Gulf Coast since 2017. She received her bachelor’s degree at Troy University before meeting her husband and moving to the Midwest. She became a mother in 2016 to her son Ben and is the bonus mom of 15-year-old Donny. She made the decision to become a stay-at-home mom when her son was 8 months old, and they got orders to move back down to the coast. Her days consist of play groups, arts & crafts, and playing outdoors. In her spare time she enjoys getting pedicures, binge-watching her favorite shows, going on walks, reading, and trying out new local restaurants. Katie looks forward to exploring her new city and surrounding areas, meeting other moms, and finding fun, family-friendly events to enjoy with her family.


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