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So let me start off by saying that I love my daughter. I do. I love that little critter so much that it hurts…but I’m convinced she’s out to get me. That’s right, I said it. I am convinced that my sweet, cuddly, adorably chunky little princess hails from the planet of “Never Ever Let Mommy Sleep Again” and she does her job well.

Now my mother blames me…says I spoiled the kid.

And that part may be slightly true. I mean, can you blame me? Babies smell like heaven wrapped in love with a side of rainbow kisses. So of course when she was born, all I wanted to do was hold and kiss her…and hold and kiss her…and hold and kiss her some more. Now it seems I have created a monster that only wants to sleep on someone’s chest or in their arms. And as SOON – and I mean SOON – as you lay her down, her eyes pop open as if there is a big brass band playing right there in the room. It’s as if not just a few seconds earlier she was in such a deep sleep that she was flopped out like a fish and was snoring to high heaven.

There are rare instances in which I get lucky.

On the off chance that I have successfully fooled her into lying down in either her bassinet or glider, and she didn’t immediately wake up, I then have to go into stealth ninja mode. It would be hilarious if it were not happening to me. I have to go through almost painful measures to not wake this little girl up because once she is up, I can kiss any chance of sleep goodbye. I’ve literally tiptoed around my house, switching every electronic that could possibly make noise to silent or vibrate. I’ve turned on closed captioning on my TV to read what the actors were saying so I wouldn’t have to turn up the volume. And I’ve even pulled a stop, drop and roll when she opened one eye just so that she wouldn’t see me and think about fully waking up. All this in the name of keeping her asleep so that I could finally lay my head down and catch a few winks.

And when I have finally gotten her down and have lain down and closed my eyes and succumbed to the beautiful darkness behind my eyelids. Just as I see myself crossing over into that promised land of dreams and snores, my daughter (aka Ms. Serial Napper) can sense my attempt at crossing over into  la-la land and lets out a wail.

So yep, like I said, I love my daughter. I truly do. But I am convinced that little monster is out to get me. 

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Arrea'l is a giver of smiles, a lover of chocolate, a fan of sunsets but most importantly the mother to Emmarie Grace. During the day you can find her at Biloxi City Hall where she is the mayor's secretary, while at night her sole purpose is getting her kid bathed, fed and put down so that she can be in bed by 9pm (eh, it's a work in progress). In her spare time (what is that?), she likes to read trashy novels, compose terrible poetry and daydream about drinking margaritas. But if you ask her what is her most favorite thing to do in the world, her answer would be watching her mini-me discover all the amazing things that she can do and cherishing every single moment. If you'd like to contact this "fly by the seat of her pants" mama with any questions, comments, concerns or just plain encouragement, you can email her at


  1. Omg, I love your first blog, but that was how you where when you where a baby. So, our little princess gets it honestly, especially around bath time. Lol. Im so proud of you and your becoming a beautiful mother. Welcome to motherhood.

    • Awww thanks auntie! And yes she is just like me! I am getting my payback for sure! LOL

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