Getting Some Me Time :: 5 Things We Need to Do Kidless


Think back on your pre-mom days. What were your favorite things to do alone? Read a book? Travel? Watch your favorite show? Now, snap back to reality. What are your favorite things to do alone since having kids? I have to laugh thinking about the simple things I’d prefer to do kidless. It’s become a challenge to get a chance to do those things alone.

I chatted with some of my close mom friends to pick their brains about their favorite activities to do sans kids. This list seems endless, but I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most common.

1) Going to the bathroom

Of course, this tops the list. I can’t even remember what going to the bathroom alone is like. My toddler just started opening doors, so if my bladder doesn’t allow me time to lock the door, suddenly I have a very enthusiastic and supportive audience. Running to the ladies room quickly, with no drama was something I took for granted before having my son. These days I try to dart off before he notices I’m gone. When I look back it’s like the bad guy in a scary movie is only a couple of feet behind me when I’m running as fast as I can. 

2) Long, hot bubble bath

The votes are in! Bubble baths are a mom’s fave. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids! Sometimes, a girl just needs a bubble bath, a good book, and a few minutes of silence to wash off the day. Then I can give 100% to my kids, the house, dinner and all else on my list. That brings me to the third item on the list

3) Cleaning the house/Cooking dinner

I’m big on starting my kiddos with age appropriate chores early on. Although sometimes I just want to breeze through my house and get it in tip top shape as quickly as possible. Or whip up something for dinner when I’m crunched for time. Seeing my son light up with joy every time he helps me load the dishwasher is such a wonderful experience as a mom! But sometimes I really just want to get it done so I can sit down after a long day of running around.

4) Wandering aimlessly around Target

This one speaks for itself. In my wildest dreams, I’m being let loose in Target for as long as I want, ALONE! Luckily for me, Ben is used to Target runs at this point and actually quite enjoys tolerates them. Even so, I’m in and out before I’ve accidentally hit his shopping limit.

5) Day dates

Going to brunch with my friends, or having a picnic with my husband are great! Notice those both deal with food. There’s a lot to be said for getting a little alone time to eat without little hands reaching up to snatch food from my plate. Or chatting with my friends without stopping to calm a clingy toddler. Coming home from a day date, I feel refreshed. Like I could take on anything! Playing with cars, reading every book on the shelf, and snuggling in on the couch to watch Trolls, to name a few.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in doing for others when you’re a parent. Between getting the kids fed, played with, read to, bathed, and rocked to sleep comes the little, sometimes rare opportunities to get a little “me time” in. And it’s OK to need a little something for myself. Some time to sit quietly, enjoy the company of other adults, clear my mind, or sit outside and enjoy that South Mississippi summer breeze. Fleeting are the moments when our kids need us for everything. But don’t forget to take care of you, too, so you can be the mom they deserve.

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Katie is a military spouse originally from Florida, and has been back on the Gulf Coast since 2017. She received her bachelor’s degree at Troy University before meeting her husband and moving to the Midwest. She became a mother in 2016 to her son Ben and is the bonus mom of 15-year-old Donny. She made the decision to become a stay-at-home mom when her son was 8 months old, and they got orders to move back down to the coast. Her days consist of play groups, arts & crafts, and playing outdoors. In her spare time she enjoys getting pedicures, binge-watching her favorite shows, going on walks, reading, and trying out new local restaurants. Katie looks forward to exploring her new city and surrounding areas, meeting other moms, and finding fun, family-friendly events to enjoy with her family.