Mom’s Love: Lights, Friends + Food

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Gulf coast moms Brick and Spoon alpha litNo matter what season of parenting we find ourselves in, there is always another momma out there with whom we can commiserate. The good, the bad, the highs, the lows; we aren’t truly ever alone in our parenting journey.

If you are feeling a little out on your own, I suggest finding your tribe.

Mom tribe contributor social gulf coast momWe find our tribes by connecting online through blogs – like this one – or by meeting new moms at the ball field. No matter where you typically connect with your friends, it’s important to give that mom tribe a night out every now and again.

These mom tribes can easily turn into your trusted parenting tribes. Everyone views parenting tribes differently but here’s my take.

Parenting tribes aren’t all about having another family to pawn the kids off so you and your spouse can have a date night.  (Although, that can be a major perk!) The point of a tribe is having like-minded moms to bounce parenting advice and ideas – to share in the feel-good moments. And to learn from each other’s setbacks and successes in the parenting world.

Your tribe of moms doesn’t need to be the same age, same social class, same employment profile, or even have kids the same age. (Okay, yes it is nice to have a momma friend with at least one child the same age but it’s just as important to have tribe friends that have kids of all ages.)

Finding the perfect mom tribe is why I love being a Gulf Coast Mom so much.

Every now and then the Gulf Coast Mom contributors get together for some much-needed connection and face time. We just had Moms Night Out this past weekend and those couple of hours together reinforced the need for a mom tribe that gathers.

Moms night out contributor social gulf coast mom 2See, we are a group of over 50 women; moms of all ages and stages. But when we get together we don’t see each other as the Corporate Mom, the SAHM Mom, the Teacher Mom, and so on. No, we are just a group of moms sharing the insanely funny moments of mom-life and the frustrating calls from the spouse proclaiming they, “don’t know where the baby’s shoes are.”

Most importantly, we can share experiences of our own journeys through motherhood. Like Mariah and Jessica who connected over their interest in homeschooling. Mariah had all the questions and Jessica is a seasoned homeschool mom.  Their kids are not the same age, but nonetheless, they bonded over a common interest and are now helping each other through this stage of motherhood.

No matter the topic of motherhood and life you find yourself and your tribe bonding over, there are a few necessary things…

Brick and spoon gulf coast momFOOD, FRIENDS & SPECIAL MOMENTS

Food is communal by nature. We cook to feed our loved ones; we dine out for connection and good food. The Brick & Spoon in Biloxi is an excellent place for making special moments involving food and friends.

And while The Brick serves a kick-butt brunch, they also have the perfect after-hours atmosphere for those special moments. You could easily host a killer mom’s night for your tribe like the Gulf Coast Mom did. Or surprise a friend for a birthday dinner on their new outdoor patio area! Or fill the restaurant with family and friends for a bridal or baby shower. You pick the occasion – big or small – and the Brick & Spoon has you covered on the delicious menu and tasty drinks. (I recommend any of the Bloody Marys and the crab cakes!)


If you want to kick up your event another notch, add some glam with Alpha-Lit MS Gulf Coast.

Y’all! These 3-foot tall light-up marquee letters are not for the faint of heart! Alpha-Lit’s letters and numbers are quality to the 10th power! Even a simple mom’s margarita night can be made “extra” with a lit sign.  You have endless possibilities for what your sign will display. Choose from numbers or letters to add a little flair to your next event.

Moms night out gulf coast mom alpha lit Mississippi Check these out! I mean, who couldn’t help to feel special walking up to their event seeing it all lit up? Heck, how about just seeing these in your front or back yard to celebrate your own birthday! (Momma needs to be extra, so tell the spouse to book Alpha-Lit for your special day.)

Okay, so you know what makes a mom tribe a must, you know where to go for spectacular food and atmosphere, and how to light up any gathering to make it special.

Gulf coast mom’s night outNow get out there and make it happen! I hope this has either encouraged you to finally get out there and find your mom tribe or it has urged you to book that night out with the girls.

And if you feel like you have more to share than a night’s worth of drinks and laughs can handle, hit us up. The Gulf Coast Mom is always looking for Coast moms to share their insights and experiences.

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Tina is a stay-at-home mom of two girls, ages 11 & 4, and loves having the opportunity to be there for every moment in their lives. Tina and her family have lived in many places in Kentucky and Arizona and eventually decided to settle on the Gulf Coast in 2016. She is a southern girl at heart and enjoys raising her two girls, along with her husband, in the small-town southern charm of Ocean Springs. A believer in personal growth, Tina loves to learn new things. She is passionate about being healthy in every aspect of life. To Tina, true health means working towards clean nutrition, more natural products for the home and family, physical fitness, and most importantly, mental and emotional health. Of course, these things can be challenging at times but she makes it work the best she can by planning for success. Tina explores all of these topics on her lifestyle blog, The Bourbon Cactus, where she shares recipes, her fitness journey, parenting lessons, and life experiences. She is honored to be part of our local mom tribe and can't wait to share some of her knowledge and experiences with #228moms here on the Gulf Coast.


  1. I swear by a moms night out every now and then. Lately my girls and I have been partial to a sleepover. Channeling our teen vibes!

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