Moms Love: Picnics and Drinks on the Beach

We are thankful to partner with Allen Beverages and Coastal Picnic and Co. for this Moms Night Out event. We love supporting local businesses! Want to tell moms about your business? Email 
Gulf Coast Moms
Photo credit: William Colgin

I don’t know about you, but after 8 months of very little interaction with anyone outside my home, adult conversation is high on my list of “things that keep me sane.”

So when Gulf Coast Mom asked if I wanted to come hang out on the beach for a couple hours, I said sign. me. up.

And it was exactly what my weary soul needed. The beach. Sunset. A gorgeous set up and food by Coastal Picinic and Co. A variety of fizzy (and even caffeinated) drinks from Allen Beverages. And good company and conversation.

Plus…it was outside!


Picnic on the beach
Photo credit: William Colgin

As an entrepreneur myself, I’m passionate about supporting other moms and local businesses, so I was excited to learn more about Allen Beverages. Did you know they’ve been in business on the Coast since 1947? And just wow at the sheer number of products they offer—Life Wtr, bubly, Starbucks Frappuccino…but I think my favorite was the new Bubbl’r — an antioxidant sparkling water…so delicious!

I also really enjoyed chatting with the owners of Coastal Picnic and Co. — Maegan and Tina started their business just seven short  weeks ago! And they literally do everything — set up, food, clean up. You name it and they’ve thought of it — even the blankets you didn’t know you’d need on the beach after the sun goes down.


And really — what do moms need right now? We need community and convenience. Enter Coastal Picnic and Co. #momseasybutton

And the possibilities for your pop-up picnic are endless—think girls’ night out, Friendsgiving, date night, child’s birthday fairy party, bridal brunch…

I’d love to hear your ideas, too! How would YOU picnic?

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