Savvy Moms Travel the SMART Way :: 5 Tips for a Smoother Start to Vacation


     Summer vacation is here, and many families are off to explore the world whether it’s by boat, train, car, or maybe a plane. Many moms are familiar with some of the basic travel items to have on hand such as extra medicine, spare cash, tons of toys, and a mountain of diapers; however, smart moms travel SMART. The acronym SMART will help as you journey to begin your summer vacation by providing some summer vacation travel tips about the not so obvious items to keep near you.


     Nobody wants to lose precious road time to stop and eat or spend an exorbitant amount of money on food found in airports. I always leave the house with a snack container filled with delicious goods that sit easily on my son’s lap. You can make these snack trays from clear jewelry organizers that have roughly ten to twenty storage compartments. Depending on the type of trip, I will fill each compartment with different healthy snacks. For example, my son likes a variety of  fruits, goldfish, or cheese cubes. Remember if you are flying internationally, customs will make you throw away any fruits! Modify your snack tray to fit your mode of transportation.


     Families lose time during their vacation by not properly planning ahead. Use traveling time to plan out your day-to-day activities. For example, many families know which park they will visit when arriving to Disney World. However, many families do not know fully what they want to do inside each park. As my family travels, we take advantage of the time by looking at park maps, parade times, or other exciting events taking place. Everyone has a role in deciding what they want to do. Finally, it is up to mommy to create a rough schedule to follow. By doing this, you will avoid being one of those tourists paused in front of an attraction trying to figure out what to do first.


     Electronics will die! There, I said it. Break away from being plugged in during the majority of your trip by bringing age appropriate books, magazines, word games, or coloring books. Play old-fashioned road games such as I Spy, Hang Man, Spot the Car, or Punch Buggy! Don’t always assume you will find a plug in the airport or that a charging port will be available on the road.


     While your family may be on their next adventure to the beach, who knows what the weather will be like on your way there or how long it may take to get there.  If you’re hitting the road, you need to prepare for breakdowns by keeping blankets, pillows, and an emergency kit on hand. Regardless of the season, my family and I always bring additional clothing as we travel. When traveling with young children, always bring at least a minimum of two sets of extra clothes to change into. Trust me, young children will use each set. Remember to prepare for where you are coming from and where you are traveling to.


      As a young girl, I always wondered why my grandmother traveled with a roll of toilet paper. And as a mother, I totally understand why. Toilet paper comes in handy for more than just handling your business. If toilet paper isn’t your style, feel free to substitute some Kleenex or paper towels. You can use it to wipe your hands, take care of a runny nose, or clean up messes and spills. When traveling for a long period of time, travel size containers of deodorant, body and face wash, toothpaste, and even floss can make you feel and look better before check-in time. Don’t forget hand sanitizer, contact solution, or any item that can seriously wreck your journey if you run out of it. 

     These are some important items to keep on hand when your luggage is stored away and you’re pressed for time. These tips allow you to be prepared for whatever problems may come your way when traveling to your final destination. Enjoy your next vacation and remember to travel SMART!

summer travel tips
summer travel tips
summer travel tips
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  2. This is an awesome article and such great information. I can’t wait to go on my first vacation with my little one and know I feel like I have a fighting chance at being moderately prepared lol. Thanks!

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