Six Months Down and a Lifetime to Go :: My Take on Motherhood Thus Far


Six months down…holy cow!

They say time flies when you’re having fun. That could not be more true as I am now six months into this thing called motherhood. There are many trials and errors I encounter every day, but I manage to persevere (with most of my nerves still intact). Becoming a mother is both a challenge and a blessing every day, depending on which way the wind blows. Therefore, in honor of my surviving SIX WHOLE MONTHS of this incredible journey, I would like to share six things that I have discovered as a rookie mommy so far:


A lot mothers hear this phrase and think – as I did – “Oh, that’s cute”. But little did I know, that statement could not be more true. I could NOT have survived thus far without my village: the loving souls that I have come to cherish and depend on, sometimes daily. My mother is the best help a gal could ever hope for. My daughter’s father is overseas, so my mother is essentially a second parent to my little angel and helps tremendously. Also, my child’s Nanny and Paran (which is what we call the godmother and godfather in southern Louisiana) are amazing. Then add a few other special souls, and you have a circle of love that my child is not only blessed to be part of, but they keep mommy sane and secure. I love them all dearly.


Let me tell you, having a baby has made me regret every opportunity I have had to nap and chose not to. Seriously, I mean I’m talking kindergarten when I pretended to nap and only shut my eyes. Yea, I’m sorry I even missed those. Maybe if I would have taken advantage of those precious moments, then maybe…just maybe…I wouldn’t feel like a walking zombie most of the time. Now that I have realized that sleep is no longer a right, I take full advantage when I can. So if you ever see me dozing off somewhere or asleep in my car during lunch, then please don’t judge. Simply cover me up with a blankie and make sure I don’t drool. 


While I respect and admire all the mothers who came before me, I have to say that I love being a mother in this day and time. Being a millennial mom means that I have access to and can reach out to so many people that make this journey a little easier. For instance, blogging. Being a part of Gulf Coast Moms Blog gives me insight into a wide range of topics and discussions that help me become a better mother in ways both big and small. I can communicate and share with moms from various walks of life on tons of issues and concerns.

Another fun part of being a millennial mom is the technology available to us. I love discovering new things that  I can use to make being a mother a little easier but also more interesting and fun. In the process of searching for helpful tools, I’ve discovered apps like Vroom that help me by offering up tips on different activities and ways to interact with my baby every day to encourage relationship building and developmental stimulation. Then, of course you have programs such as LeapFrog and My Baby Can Read, as well as a host of other helpful tools that make being a mom in this era a blast. The possibilities are endless, and every day something new and exciting is put out on the market to help your child become the best version of themselves.


Before I got pregnant, I’ll say that my budgeting skills were not the best. Okay, they were pretty nonexistent. My philosophy was after all my bills were paid, then it was my duty to spend all the rest of it as quickly and foolishly as possible. Well let me tell you, oh have times changed. I now know what a coupon is and hunt them down with a quickness! Between daycare, diapers, formula and clothes, I have come to learn that my money is no longer my own and am now a functioning adult when it comes to my finances.


You have not lived until you have tried to feed a baby, get dressed, feed yourself, put on eyeliner, make sure she has her morning cartoons playing and be on time for work all at the same time. Becoming a mother introduced me to a level of multi-tasking that I did not know existed. As an administrative assistant, I am used to some sort of multi-tasking; it’s an imperative part of my job. But this…this is something totally different. Once you have a child, you seem to spring imaginary limbs out of nowhere that help you do 12 dozen things at one time, and it’s an amazing thing to witness. It’s one of the best tools in the mommy arsenal, if not one of the most important in my book.


I’ve thrown the word love around before I became a mother, and I’ve even meant it a time or two. But this type of all-encompassing love…this epic and overwhelming type of love leaves me in awe. I NEVER knew that I could feel this way about someone. If someone had told me that I would literally give my everything to this little creature, I would not have believed it. To say I was a wee bit selfish is a bit of an understatement. Never have I wanted to put someone else’s needs before my own no matter what. This experience has humbled me and has taught me that to be selfless is the ultimate sacrifice of love, and I will forever be grateful to my daughter for this priceless life lesson.

Emmarie Grace, 6 months Photo cred: Anita Harris Photography
Photo Cred: Anita Harris Photography
6 month birthday dinner



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